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  1. I've had games not sync with the server but never had a list do this. I bought it out of excitement for it FINALLY coming out just to see this. I literally commented on EVERY LucasFilms Games post on Facebook, guess I'm back at it til they fix this. Hopefully this doesn't take MONTHS to fix.
  2. I was pretty excited for this but it doesn't seem to be available on the PS Store. It's available on Switch and Xbox One.
  3. I hope these get added to the server soon. It's annoying not being able to see the trophies normally. The plat seems pretty straight forward though, I was surprised it had one but am so glad it does!
  4. It appears to be patched partially now. You can do it while you have a wooden box open but you have to pretty much press the two buttons at the same time instead.
  5. Planning to pick this up and I'm sure it'll come in handy! There just comes a point you don't wanna keep searching for stuff in these types of games. Thanks for sharing this!
  6. Played this game Saturday and got all but this trophy. It's two days later and my arm is still in pain from the attempts. For me it was pretty much game over anytime the fish grabbing game showed up at the end. For some reason that game just wasn't working right. The game worked really well with my setup, I didn't have too many issues once I got the lighting right and I was positioned right. That being said I just can't get past 3:40. I'm starting to regret dusting off the old Move controllers!
  7. I watched PeanutbutterGamer play the Steam version and I've been dying for it on PS4 ever since! It looks like so much fun! Based on what I saw the trophies don't seem terribly difficult, but a little time with the game may tell me otherwise, haha! Regardless the game looks super enjoyable and I'll enjoy it regardless of if I platinum it (though I definitely intend to try!)
  8. Sorry I never responded, if you are or have made a guide you are absolutely more than welcome to use the maps. Sorry for not getting back to you forever ago!

  9. It’s coming for sure! March 1st! Also on Switch.
  10. I just picked it up and have been enjoying it a lot more than I expected. I still don't care for Natsume's art style overall but it's improved a lot. Filling the encyclopedia takes a LOT of crop growing. You have to get both the regular and great quality of each crop as well as mutate them (plant them in specific areas during specific seasons). I'm through year 1 and have about half the encyclopedia filled. It's overall not difficult by any means, just time consuming.
  11. Hey, I'm making a LocoRoco Remastered trophy guide. May I link back to your level maps thread here? I'm sure it'll be a very useful resource for people looking to platinum this game!

  12. As far as I'm aware this isn't a remaster but a whole new game. They're well aware of the hatred towards the game so it'll be interesting to see if they made a decent game or another crap title for Shaq to have his name on. I'm dying at some of these trophies. BarackFu? Con-Ye? I may buy it just for the hell of it like I did with Bubsy.
  13. I hope there's save states again. They made every game on the last collection much more doable!
  14. I wouldn't say the first was too hard. It's more time consuming than anything. It took me about 90 hours to get the platinum using the PlatinumNumemon EXP trick. Should that trick be in this game, which seems likely as it apparently copy-pasted a lot, then you'll definitely breeze through the game. But 700 medals sounds like it'll take a bit to find, especially if they're as annoying as the last game. I think this is 200 more than the first.
  15. If it's cross-buy I'll grab it and play it on PS4 but I already have it on PS3 and a separate trophy list would've been the only selling point.
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