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  1. Sorry i never respond, mobile makes it really hard to see the messages. Honestly I could care less about this season, in my mind it will always be, well it happened in the COVID season. Half the players arent playing or they're out sick, a bunch of games are played as double headers because of postponements, etc. Even if the yankees did win, even me as a die hard yankee fan, i wouldnt really consider it a win.

  2. Pretty boring list in my opinion. I wish companies would put a little more creativity/effort into making an interesting list instead of the same generic things we've been seeing for years. I get that trophies arent a top priority but a lot of games get a longer lasting player base because of trophies.
  3. How are you feeling about the Yankees this year Doug?

  4. Well, always loved your guides. Understand the busy. Life has a way of doing that. Take care of yourself Doug.

  5. I still keep in touch but ive been too busy to really contribute.

  6. I gave it a 2/10, you can maybe bump it up to a 3 if you play solo, but in co-op, taking your time on certain sections, the game isnt all that difficult. Definitely fun and worth playing in my opinion.
  7. Are you still on the Happy Thumbs Gaming site?

  8. Bought a HTG shirt. Love it.

  9. Thanks for the Undercover guide. Keep up the guides and the channel. I'm going on another Lego bender after a few other games.

  10. Yea I am, guide will be up hopefully in the next day or two with videos coming after.
  11. I could have sworn I saw Free Play. You can get all the collectibles in Free Roam so I'm not even sure theres a reason to do Free Play.
  12. There is, after you beat the level. You can either go to the starting point from the free roam area, or I believe you can press the touchpad and do it from the map as well.
  13. Yea ill be making one for the lego ninjago movie game and then after that we will see.

  14. Not 100% but I think ancient scrolls are what they're calling minikits in this game, or Red Bricks.
  15. Playing the German Lego. Same thing. Do you plan to continue making guides here for the Lego games and on your channel with Brian. They are great.

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