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  1. Decided a couple of days ago that it is finally time to get the platinum in this game. I need help with the stadium trophy. If anyone's up to help, message me here or on PSN (micco12). :wit: Edit: Had luck with some randoms last night and got the plat.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Glad you're getting things sorted mate, and it'd be nice to see you more!

  4. Wow, yeah I really should've been here to discuss these great final moments of the season. :( It's been a tough year for me, I've moved out of my parents' house and in addition to that I've graduated and applied to university. I could probably start visiting this place more often now as I'm on vacation :D

  5. Juventus in the Champions League final, Southend in the Playoff final, Manchester United Football Club still shit. Please can you come back, or at least make a quick cameo? :(

  6. I'll join in. CBA to register to that website but will add you on PSN
  7. Semi Finals -- 22nd April 20:45 PM GMT 1. A Madrid 2-0 Chelsea Costa Semi Finals 23rd April 20:45 PM GMT 2. Real Madrid 2-2 Bayern Munich Robben Didn't kick off yet!
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