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  1. The latest patch broke some Blazblue Crosstag Battle trophies, so some are unobtainable now. Apparently, Silver rank and lobby match wins are affected. Edit: Same issue with Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st]. The ranked and replay trophies are unobtainable. It looks like a larger developer problem, so it might be worth checking out its other games. Is there any solution to this? Are any other games affected?
  2. Gran Turismo 7 has a broken trophy. Devs are aware of a fix and are apparently working on it
  3. It looks like Rock Band 2 is unobtainable according to a thread on PSNProfiles
  4. It looks like there aren't anymore earners for these games on PSNProfiles, so maybe they're all toast.
  5. Wow, I hate single player modes with online trophies. Did the online for MoH years ago, looks like I have to go back and mop this up now that the servers are fixed. Also, it looks like Grid: Autosport has an unobtainable trophy since the challenges are gone.
  6. The Ninja Gaiden Collection might release with some unobtainable lists since turbo mode is in the game but they removed the online coop portion from it. Obviously, too early, but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  7. Can the Vita copy play with a PS3 copy? I was thinking of knocking these out since the multiplayer looks like it does not take a long time. Thanks.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. How long do you have to play to reach the point that you can earn scrap? How long does it then take to get scrap. I heard 6 scrap per hour per location.
  10. How easy is it to boost this game? I was thinking of starting it up since it is free for Plus. If it's easy, I'm interested in getting the Multi-Tasking trophy. PSN: a3069namebke
  11. 4/10 The only trophy you need to watch out for is "Meat Wall" which can be easily achieved by placing a breach charge next to a defuser. 5 defuses is tough, but if you use the patch downgrade option, you will be fine. Gold rank is tough, but it glitches at silver 2 rank, making this way easier.
  12. I achieved the platinum in 45 hours.
  13. The Enforcer looks like it is still glitched. The wanted poster trophy is achievable.
  14. It is a pain to get, but there are some PSN earners while there still aren't earners for the other two trophies.
  15. The Mafia 2 remaster has some bugged trophies. The trophies for killing 50 enemies and collecting all the wanted posters is unobtainable right now.
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