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  1. I came here to post this. You will not get it the first time, but the images on the bubble are actually story points of the game. When you beat the game, you will understand these images. Also, for the branches trophy (Curious), the game does track the branches you did look. I missed the very first see and when I used chapter select, the trophy immediately popped up when I arrived to that branch so no need to redo the whole blue tree section.
  2. Thanks. Was hoping someone had posted a solution after watching the topic title.
  3. I voted 1. Fun story, and nothing difficult about it. Just making different choices.
  4. I voted 2. What a messy game, but at least it was short.
  5. I voted 3. Luckily you only need to clear a few levels because the ones that are required for the platinum were challenging.
  6. I voted 2. I probably got overconfident because I almost got a game over and had to start over. It actually requires a bit effort. Still pretty easy.
  7. I voted 3. Some levels are pretty tricky which makes them difficult to deal it.
  8. Totally agreed. I didn't get it because I have played the same game over and over already. As a side note, actually, not a side note because is still relevant to the user you are replying to and you as well. I put an idea on the capcom unity page back then when it was being in development for PS3. Not sure if the idea is still there. I put that it would be nice if they put a intermission screen after each chapter so we could at least store our weapons like RE5 does (although you can store any item) in the virtual box during the RE5 intermission screen. I wrote that one thing that didn't like about RE4 after playing RE5 is the ability to have our weapons ready for use. No need to re-sell and re-upgrade weapons. In RE4, you cannot do that which was fine back in the PS2-GC era, but during the PS3 era, that was not an excuse anymore. And I believe an intermission screen is not hard to implement because it doesn't affect the actual gameplay. This screen would have made trying and playing with different weapons more appealing. In the end, of course, my idea was ignored. It's the reason I didn't get RE4 on PS3 or PS4. Actually, I don't remember if I got it on PS3 but I am 100% positive I didn't get it on PS4. Anyway, the guy you are replying to might think I am just talk but if the idea is still there, it can be searched and found under my same username.
  9. This is what I did. I also tried getting the closest 1-2 lizards when killing the 1st two bosses over and over but according to in-game time, I was spending 10-minutes (probably 15 min IRL) when talking the small detour but only 6 minutes (9 min IRL) when killing the 2 bosses. So yeah, best to get the lizards ONLY when going for the shrines. Also, do we know if having max health makes getting more stamina after each boss? If not, then not much reason to collect fruits as the guide suggests.
  10. I voted 3. I ended up using coins. Game didn't feel rewarding to not use coins. In the OG, everytime you beat Nemesis, you got a very good item each time. Not to mention it was fun to beat him. Not in here. You get a small amount of shotgun and flame rounds the last 2 times which is, no doubt, not worth the effort. It's just better to avoid Nemesis. Game is good but not as expected.
  11. I voted 6. Not as hard as I heard. Could have been lower but didn't farm enough good armor. Amazing GOW. I was impressed the new direction to the series took instead of the 5-10 hour games.
  12. I voted 2 for Vita and if I could vote twice I'd be voting 2 for PS4. Some levels were tricky but they are mostly on the easy side. Still fun game.
  13. I voted 2 for Vita and if I could vote twice I'd be voting 1 for PS4 because I used cheats and I already knew my way around. Game is pretty fun and on the easy side. I finished it and it was longer than expected.
  14. I voted 2 for Vita and if I could vote twice I'd be voting 2 for PS4. It's more difficult than the 1st game, but not by much IMO.
  15. I voted 2 for Vita and if I could vote twice I'd be voting 2 for PS4. Some levels are tricky, but overall still easy.
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