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  1. I stand corrected. I did not know this. Cheers
  2. Doesnt tapping the ps button, so you enter the XMB, negate pause issues in any game?
  3. ***edit thanks to UnleashTheCasey and some awesome random due to the new fill a spot option from today’s update, managed it all in one sitting.*** Hi all, Need to get the Transcendence trophy sorted (only one I need). Playing on PS5 if that makes any difference. All classes at 20 and Ki of 106+. Prefer playing Samurai or Ronin. Im free all night and weekend. UK time. Lets smash it. add me: xxSuikodeNxx
  4. Cheers mate, It’s crazy that the “0-2” info does not seem to be anywhere. EDIT: No, this did not work. The manuscript is given after killing the two bombs, but to get that quest you have to finish the other two, then it auto completes. Had to do a quick easy run thereafter to get the last dress for Cloud. Not sure about the other way around for Madam M quests.
  5. Just to hijack: I need to do no side quests for Cloud's black dress but I want the manuscripts. So if I do madam M's quests to get his one dress, but then do sam's quest to get the manuscript BUT NO OTHER quest...would that net me the manuscript and the black dress? I can not see this info anywhere - it just says no quests completed OR complete ALL quests. does not deal with the "some quests completed" scenario. Cheers.
  6. I reckon the PS4 and PS5 stand-alone Versions will likely do something as per the FFX & FFX-2 remastered lists - when you look at the trophy lists it says “PSP PS3 and PS4” next to it. So, despite me purchasing both PS3 and PS4 versions thinking there was a separate list :-( I only got one list.
  7. I’ve got the platinum/100% on the original release and the game of the year edition. Not sure I can do another plat run on PS5, though I doubt there will be a PS5 list as this seems to be a free upgrade. Happy to dip in to look at the upgraded vistas of Toussaint again! I’d be interested as to games like Cyberpunk which will have a free upgrade and a standalone whether they have separate lists. Seems unlikely given the backward compatibility of the hardware.
  8. First attempt: unloaded 4 explosive arrows into him. Then nonchalantly walked up and put 3 shotgun shells in his face (I think I only needed 2 though and I hit him again in his death animation). Got hit once by the runner, as wasn’t expecting him so soon, dodged, melee kill. You’ll nail it.
  9. I have never raised an alarm in that section ever. Maybe it’s a different criteria to just raising an alarm?
  10. I was quite pleased when you go to get the guitar strings quest that there is not the survival part before the bloater. Hopefully there are a few more bits “cut” out.
  11. Wait...? Enhanced listen mode? I thought that was disabled during grounded?
  12. Have you tried putting slow motion aiming assist on? I’m coming up to that shortly - hope it helps.
  13. I’m currently doing grounded+ and I’ve decided to do a very light+ with all infinite stuff on etc to have a fun blast through permadeath (chapter) Like I said before it would be weird for the trophy not to pop on grounded+ as it’s harder than grounded.
  14. Do you mean for permadeath or is there something about grounded that needs this? No checkpoints? (Or less of them?)
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