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  1. VANS is the first setup mission of the final heist and there is a very easy way to do it without anyone having a mic. Navigators can drive the car! The navigators can drive and use the phone app at the same time, which should make things much easier. The nav guy can be alone in his/her vehicle and does not need the other team member to be present in the car. Make sure you choose your fastest car from your garage in the selection screen. I was able to "solo" all the vans by myself in my zentorno with about a couple of minutes to spare. All of this can be done without any mic or communication.
  2. PSN ID: dufftech R* Social Club ID: dufftech Timezone: GMT-5 DLC: Yes, when available Mic: Yes
  3. I'm getting the standard edition because I'm on a tight budget.
  4. Please sign me up for Assassin's Creed: Revelations. PSN: dufftech DLC: None
  5. Sign me up for BF3. PSN: dufftech DLC: Yes
  6. I'd buy that for a dollar!
  7. The Price is Right: Decades has a platinum and is available in US PSN store. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1485/ico.png Cost: $9.99 Trophies: 29(B), 14(S), 2(G), 1(P) Online Trophies: Yes
  8. The 2 Plinko trophies from The Price is Right: Decades are extremely frustrating as it takes a lot of luck to hit the target amount.
  9. I'm the first person in the world to platinum The Price is Right: Decades
  10. For the "Drop it like it's hot", it definitely needs to be in an online game, not sure why it says any game mode. Yeah, you will need to start the full game, play the contestant row, and restart if it's not plinko.
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