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  1. We miss you Oversoul

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  3. I have since beaten this game (the flat version, the VR version is a little clunky) and it is cool, but I was wrong about the lockers. She can surely open them. It would give it a 7/10. AMAZING atmosphere, great scares, decent story. But the novelty of the boxcutter ghost wares off quickly and she becomes annoying halfway through the game. Especially when she is accompanied by these stationary dudes who just scream when they see you, drawing her attention. And what constitutes as the final boss battle with her is unfair at times and goes on too long. The first half of the game is amazing, especially chapter 2 where you get a break from here and deal with a pretty neat monster right out of Thai lore instead. But then it goes downhill, gets repetitive and on 2 occasions gives you NO direction on what to do next. Also, don't expect closure, this is apparently only the first chapter. After the final boss though, the last section is super creepy and well done. Overall it's not terrible. It just... relies too heavily on it's golden goose.
  4. It's also VR compatible so play at your own risk. But I watched a friend of mine do a let's play of the demo and then again of like the first 30 or 40 minutes of the game and it gets going almost instantly. The main enemy in the game is a creepy ghost lady with a box cutter that patrols area is looking for you. From the first moment you see her you are no longer safe. She can randomly appear at any point through portals in the walls and when you see her you need to run like hell and hide in a locker or something Outlast style. She has no predetermined Patrol route and can freely look around for you although she doesn't seem smart enough to open lockers so that's good. Getting around her can oftentimes be very difficult. So just be on your guard. She can also look for you while you are trying to solve puzzles. Also this game has a few jumpscares and the atmosphere is on point. But the intensity and the constant threat lurking around the corner is what makes it scary. So if you play it in VR be prepared for major heart attacks. The game is based on Thai lore and in my experience Asian horror is usually the most creepy and horrifying.
  5. I was thinking the lack of platinum might be because it's only like a four-hour game but then again aer memories of old is only a two-hour game and has a platinum LOL. Also apparently this game is actually the first chapter in what the developers plan on being a series. I don't understand why it's $30 though when it's only $17 on Steam. It can't be because of the VR.
  6. It depends on what shift I'm in. I think the only time it shows up in the locked room is in green shift and that's when you have to use the code from the walkie-talkie to get to it. Any other time it shows up on the table outside with the laptop. Also as far as scanners appearing if you're talking about the red laser grid that's never not been there LOL. I have managed to go through the doors fast enough to avoid management and run straight through them twice now but that just takes me to gamma shift. I noticed in green shift on the computer in the room with the map there seems to be some kind of clue leading to coordinates being another code you can put in because of the six question marks but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the hell the answer that riddle is
  7. Contrary to your guide, oversight and white are the only trophies I have left. I actually got green, blue and gamma already but I got them on the way to a attempting to do oversight and I still haven't quite figured it out. I follow every step exactly and I can never get to the point where it lets me change shifts
  8. So this is actually related to a problem I was having mentioned in this thread: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/tech-centre/323791-error-code-ws-37269-7-when-making-purchases.html But rather than post another reply in there that no one is going to see I figured I would start this thread to make you guys aware of an issue that I think actually deserves more recognition. You ever had one of those random PlayStation network errors that no one seems to have an answer for or sometimes doesn't even show up in PlayStation official help pages? Well that's because the reason for this error is beyond most people's comprehension and those help pages are just a cheat sheet for customer support. You need to actually talk to someone with some TekSavvy who knows what the hell they are going on about in order to get the correct answers for these issues which is what happened with me. After getting an error message everytime I made a purchase on the PlayStation store, then not being able to connect after doing a factory reboot of my router and then still not being able to connect after getting a brand new router I went back and forth with Comcast and PlayStation on the phone a couple of times and here's what I've learned. After about a two-hour conversation with one of the higher up router specialists over at Comcast he tried every trick under the sun to help me fix the issues I've been having but after ruling out parental controls or IP bans on the router and the system he said on his end when we went through connection settings she could see the PS4 it just wasn't going through the way he explained it to me is imagine he is on one side of a door and the PS4 is on the other and the door is wide open and he can see the PS4 on the other side of the door and he's expecting it to come in but the PS4 is standing outside the door just refusing to go through. So it's not a network issue and it's not a PSN issue it's a system issue with the PS4 itself. He asked me a bunch of questions about where I bought it what I've downloaded lately and we got to talking about the latest firmware update and that's when he had a lightbulb moment I explained that I was in the firmware beta for PS4 system software 5.50 and that they went through three different versions of this firmware beta before making it public. Looking back on it I actually think in one of those bettas was when I started having these issues and it just didn't click right away because I assume getting an error message when you make purchases on the PlayStation Store was a PSN issue but he said it's possible that what happened was one of the firmware updates was botched and my system got infected with what's known as captive portal basically meaning that the ROM file or something in the system software got fucked up by the firmware but a secondary firmware kind of half-assed fixed it by putting it on hold but the problem is that the more errors I started having on the network like every time I went to make a purchase for example, he said in the system software it probably read those errors enough times that it got concerned and completely locked itself out of connecting and that's what they call a captive portal. He said that 90% of the time captive portal is usually firmware or software related and it's usually a case of firmware corrupting software and it's not something that the user can fix easily because they don't have access to the files in the system software necessary to do so. He said it's a rare issue but it's actually not the first time that he has seen a PlayStation firmware update cause this exact problem. The only fix, unfortunately is to completely wipe the hard drive and fresh install the PS4 OS and latest public firmware. I'm not talking about a normal initialize either that deletes all the users and games and save data because when the system restarts it still has the most recent firmware and software on it I'm talking about taking the hard drive out, completely formatting it putting it back in and then manually installing the firmware and Os from a flash drive as if you were upgrading the hard drive. He said that's the only way to fix it if they don't have a more recent firmware. He actually recommended against reinstalling the same firmware over the already existing one and I'm pretty sure PlayStation doesn't allow that anyways. The bad news is if this doesn't fix the issue that means that it's actually a hardware problem with my network card and I have to send the system in for repairs. I just upgraded to the PS4 Pro last June so I'm still under warranty for now so that's fine but Annoying hopefully I don't have to. Anyways sorry for all the details but my main point is I wanted to make you guys aware of what captive portal is and why it happens so that you can look out for it in the future if you ever have any of these network errors that seem to have no answer or explanation online and it's something along the lines of getting errors on the PlayStation store or your system connects to the router but not the internet if the issue isn't on your ISP then it's most likely PlayStation screwed up your system with a firmware update and it's now locked in a captive portal. For which there is only one fix unless you are willing to wait for another firmware update. So I guess the moral of the story is don't sign up for any more PlayStation firmware beta is just wait for the official public ones LOL. I have never actually had issues with firmware updates before I've always been super lucky but I feel like this is one of those things where they should allow you to roll back to a previous firmware if you're having issues instead of making all the public ones mandatory. You can roll back if you're in beta and in hindsight maybe I should have it as soon as I started having these issues but there's no way I could have known that the two were related considering the initial issue I was having was specific to the PlayStation store on console. I thought it was a PSN issue. But anyways yeah there's your little PSA about captive portal. Now you know.
  9. I think part of the problem is I have Comcast / Xfinity and their routers are notorious for having issues with PlayStation devices. Anyways I did another factory reset of my router today and this time I also reset the settings on my PS4 to default the one that doesn't factory reset the system but just resets all your settings and makes you sign in again anyways... Now the PS4 won't connect to the internet at all it obtains IP address but fails internet connection unless I change the DNS to something other than my ISP is default. Primary and secondary DNS for Comcast is and I have to change at least the secondary DNS to something like Google's in order to connect now. It absolutely refuses to connect if both DNS is my ISP default. Only way I can connect now is if one of them changes to Google's I called Comcast customer service because I now know for a fact this issue is on their end. This isn't the first time PlayStation devices have had issues with Comcast routers. Anyways they told me all the settings and everything looked fine on their end but what it sounds like from what they know is that something in the router itself isn't working right everytime you factory reset it it has to relearn all of the ports and they said this time for some reason it just is refusing to read the PlayStation Network and Sony ports for some reason. They couldn't explain it any better than that they said the reason is beyond comprehension it's just like the router is throwing a tantrum and straight-up refusing to allow PlayStation specific ports through. So here's the thing... their only fix was to send a new router. We just upgraded to this one back in October and it's a dual band with 2.4 and 5 gigahertz I have them listed as separate connections so you can choose one of the other instead of having your device do it for you. Anyways apparently they came out with an even newer model in December the Cisco 3149 which they assure me is better for gaming so they mailed that out to us and said until we get it to keep using the Google DNS as a temporary solution. They didn't even try to deflect blame they pretty much admitted it was on them I told the guy I was talking to this is like the 5th wireless gateway modem I've been through from them and he was straight-up honest with me and said most of the ones that they send to people are refurbished not new so chances are something in them will eventually go out he said but the one I'm getting should be new because it just came out in December. Hopefully. I guess we'll see when we get it and hook it up if this fixes our problems Before I was convinced that the error messages I was getting on the PlayStation Store was a PSN issue but now I'm pretty sure it was a DNS / networking issue which is a Comcast problem. considering the fact that resetting everything made it worse. EDIT: Yep something is definitely screwed with the modem PS4 finally connected but it gave it the 144th spot in the IP address even though it's like the third device connected after doing a factory reset. Devices on my internet all have an IP of 10.0.0.? With the ? being the number my router gives the device usually it's the order they were connected in. It could also be that a factory reset of my router is not flushing out the previously connected devices like it's supposed to and somehow retaining the memory of previous IP addresses which completely defeats the whole purpose in doing a factory reset. PS4 IP is which is a joke considering there are only two other devices connected to the router since factory reset. Comcast doesn't know how to make shit properly
  10. webstore works fine but that's not the point. I WANT to be able to use the store on console without these errors... I still get my stuff. It's just annoying. Did a factory reset of my router too and that didn't help. I did notice when using a DNS different from that of my router's default I have the error much less often so it's certainly a networking bug/IP error
  11. Sorry for the late reply I've been very busy lately but it doesn't matter what payment method I use it's the same result regardless
  12. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here and I'm pretty sure it's a network error glitch on PlayStation's end but anyways here is the long and short of it. So literally every single time I go to buy something on the PlayStation Store I get hit with this error message right after I hit confirm purchase. The first time it freaked me out because the charge still came up on my bank account but when I went back to the store page for the game instead of download it had an option to purchase it again. So of course I would assume what anyone did and figure I have been charged for something I didn't get however... When checking my library the item was there so I didn't think twice about it. Here's the problem though... This has happened numerous times since. Literally every single time I buy something on the store I get this exact same error code with a message saying an error has occurred and then it takes me back to the game page with a price tag however when I check my library the recently purchased item is there and I can download it. What's crazier is once the item starts downloading there's usually a padlock on it for like a minute then the padlock goes away as the item is downloading. I have tried Googling this error code and the only results I get are other people complaining about it. It's not even on the list of codes on Sony support website. Just to be clear I am getting the items I am paying for, so that's not the issue the issue is that I have to deal with all these errors and glitches every time I go buy something it's annoying because I would like to be able to download the item directly from the store as soon as I buy it but I can't because it acts like I haven't bought it and I have to go to my library instead. Again, just to clarify, I'm not losing money, I am getting the games I am paying for its just the method of delivery and the error messages during checkout are extremely annoying I know it seems like a petty first world problem but this is not the way it was intended to work so if it's not working as intended that means something is wrong. My working theory is that the PlayStation store is broken and needs an overhaul. What I think is happening here is it's almost like the network is having a lag behind what I'm doing like the computers on their end take longer than necessary to realize what's going on. It's like they don't realize that I purchased something until a few minutes after it was purchased just like when I start downloading a newly purchased game it doesn't realize I have the license until it's already been downloading for a few minutes it's almost like their network is behind mine. I know that's obviously not the case but that's what it feels like. Has anyone else experienced this issue or can anyone with any amount of tech savvy give me a fix that doesn't involve initializing my PS4? I have two terabytes worth of crap on here I'm not re downloading it all
  13. Interesting observations I went back and tried to test this so I was supportive to the roommate but ate the Cockroach anyways and I still became a wendigo. Maybe there is some RNG involved. It doesn't make sense to intentionally try to get the other players killed on your non wendigo play through anyways. They can still die but not by your hand. As far as the last thing you said... Taste is subjective. I personally enjoyed it but to each their own. I used Christmas money to buy it so I can't really complain LOL
  14. So I just watched someone take all of the windego paths in the dreams but they did not eat the Cockroach and they did not turn so I'm thinking even if you take all the correct paths the Cockroach can seal the deal one way or the other
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