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  1. Looking to boost Friendly Race and Buddy Bust Add me psn : Grafinenko
  2. http://i.imgur.com/Pb2Koop.gif
  3. Looking for Someone to get the x2 bubles on DC Dlc. Add me : Grafinenko
  4. Originally Posted by ostar1183 View Post UPDATED LIST I'm going to set up a boosting session for people who want to get rid of these god awful trophies in this terrible multiplayer. I will be hosting tomorrow sunday at 10.00pm UK time not sure what time that is for other timezones. Also all 8 will have to be in the text chat by 10.10 so we can start as soon as possible Know Thy Enemy Clutch I Like Those Odds Predator Paragon If we have time after everyone has gotten those, we can work on: Tales Of Gotham Not An Ordinary Criminal Like the other guy did just add your name to the list below and repost PSN: Demsville I will be on all day sunday from 5pm so if you have any problems message me. 27.10.13 - 10PM UK time boosting 1 - Demsville 2 - Mantis20 3 - NemesisTheory 4 - xTaterNutsx 5- PhoenixOfLegend 6 -Khurghan 7 -DemonKid 8 -DanisOnlinePSN Extra places 1- gaz1983 2- BiG_BoSS954 3- ostar1183 4- halestormlzzy 5-TheBubaknight 6- Grafinenko I'm In for tonight session, maybe we should make a second boosting group
  5. Happy Birthday G :drunk:

  6. Okay, that doesn't work for me, that's my last trophy before platinum, this is driving me mad
  7. My friend got it, he told me that you have to do a goal line clearance with a diving head. I think that the In form trophy was less random that this one.
  8. that's what i did but it did not work
  9. How do you get the "control" trophy ? " Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career " I can't get it
  10. well that made the trophy easy as hell, too bad i already got gold on every gun challenges and fly school with the 3 guys
  11. As Franklin, just pay attention to what Lester says
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