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  1. I hate combos that involve crouching H to forward H, 90% becomes a projectile... also for Spencer's 10th mission, that last Hook off the ground requires a super jump cancel? in order to connect the Air S and S? sjc is impossible to do on the d-pad >.<
  2. Having platinumed both, Enslaved is definitely a rental, story at about 7hrs on hard, not much replayability outside of getting all the orbs. Castlevania has more depth and replayability, longer story as well with trials for challenges.
  3. Anytime you know there's 3+ people clumped up, usually near an objective, its better to use offensive. If not, everything up to artillery strike (4th killstreak) don't give more than then defensive, you need to kill 3+ to get the multikill bonus to make offensive killstreaks worth more.
  4. I think after 2000 or 2200, you have to be top 5 in score for BOTH teams to increase. like +10 for top 5, +15 for top 3, +20 for first. And then you quit the game, join a game in mid session on the losing team, you die on your first/second spawn then the game ends, bam -90 points because you're suddenly a worse player Highest I i saw was over over 3000 and he was top 2 every game and not losing points. While I've come 5th on my winning team but like 9th over all and get -50 points. Winning/Losing, K/D, accuracy, headshots don't matter but does help your score, which determines your skill.
  5. Demon's Souls, but it's got magic/dragons/monsters awesome game, great melee combat system. I don't know if you can count Oblivion as medieval. Medieval: Total War is an amazing PC RTS/management game, build catapults, storm castles and what not. Fable 1/2 (Xbox/360) is medieval RPG with magic elements. Of course there's Civ5 as well. I think medieval goes hand in hand with dragons and magic, not as epic without it.
  6. A couple things: No mute option! had to turn off all mic sounds due to mass mouth breathers. If they're going to copy BFBC2 in Combat Mission mode, at least do it right, ability to select a teammate to respawn, not always the guy fighting at the other team's spawn or a sniper way back behind the base.. This game is heavily sniper favored, every gun other the bolt-action sniper takes 2/3 bullets to the head for a head shot, while the sniper can 1hit kill on the foot (LOL). No bullet penetration means everyone finds a window or broken box to hide behind, and it's easy to dodge fire since the first bullet that hits your head doesnt kill you, while besides from snipers (see previous point). There are some really horrible map imbalances, on most of team DM/sector control maps, if you're team is on a certain side, it provides clear view to the other team's spawn point or the 1 choke point they can get out of, and spawn points don't ever shift. I see why losing team just gives up and leave the game. and my nitpick is why are all the weapons for both team exactly the same? what is this Warcraft 2? How can AK47 do the same damage and handle exactly like a M16, (use Enemy's Weapon basically means use the same weapon you already have) In the end, wow I was just gonna put a few things down, then one thing led to another. Anyways, maybe my high expectations got the better of me, I had hopes this game was good enough to hold me over until Black Ops, well at least Fallout New Vegas is new week. Sure they can patch weapon/class balances, but they can't redo the horrible map designs. 7.5/10 singleplayer. nothing special, typical shooter with shooter moments(go here kill waves of enemies, go somewhere else), horrible framerate in open areas 7/10 multiplayer. poor attempt at copying BFBC2 and MW2, failing both. Small number of weapons, small number of balanced maps Overall, the game seems rushed, needs at least 3 more months of polish and better designs.
  7. Is this the worse game mode ever designed or what? Either the objective is on top of the defenders' spawn with mass campers, or the objectives are closer to the attackers and they can cap the flag in 5 seconds. Awesome a whole 1min game then back to 3mins of loading. Anyways good thing I managed to play 2hrs of that crap and never touch it again.
  8. I got mine finally... I hate sniping but I had to do it. It was on Helmand Valley combat mission attacking. Picked the sniper, run all the way to the left hill, there's a lone rock, it provides good vision of the right side of the first objective and clear view of the second objective, and it's relatively safe. Everything was fine.. getting some decent kills, missing some, got all the way up to air strike, used it, BAM only 1 kill.... stuck at 500/600. Moving onto third objective, up to the left provides good view of the entrance to the bunker, got some kills. 4th objective was taken really quick.. and I was only at 586/600.. I was like oh crap the game's gonna end. Then I managed to snipe 2 guys while the last objective was being capped, launched my cruise missile, trophy popped at the end. A couple things I noticed, if you have trouble starting a killstreak, save you first 50/50 UAV, if you die, you can get up to 40/50, then use it for +30, which will give you another UAV, keep using the defensive supports, it'll keep going up to like artillery strike. The predator missile usually sucks, rarely giving more than 2-3 kills. It should be easy if your artillery strike can get a lot of kills, but after getting killed on the 6th killstreak like 5 times, cruise missile finally came up.
  9. man I got the 6th killstreak like 5 times and each time im about to get the cruise missile i get sniped, or one time suicided from my own strafing run because the stupid target designator thinks the target is the window frame grrrr
  10. No freezes, but I got disconnected like 5 times in 1hr, gave up playing it and moving onto single player. It's not like servers are overloaded.. there's only like 10k people playing across all modes.
  11. I think you get some early access to a few weapons for MP. The PS3 limited edition comes with a HD remake of MoH:Frontlines as well. Pretty good deal I would say.
  12. This is assuming you've finished the game and doing your paladin playthrough, A very easy way I've found to beat the boss, is the ultimate light combo. Wait for him to turn shadow, and use the light combo spin until the grapple command comes up, do it for all phases. This way at least you wont have to worry about when to do a synch block or anything and he'll die super fast. Of all trials, I thought this would be the hardest.. turns out to be easy, leaving Dracolich the hardest trial imo.
  13. Finished Enslaved, and finishing Castlevania. Gonna pick up MoH tomorrow, which include the old MoH:Frontline, gonna enjoy both of them and play some MP.
  14. 8/10 Valkyria Chronicles. A very unique strategy RPG, great art style. While we're on VC and SEGA, Game to Rate: Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast)
  15. same release date as Fallout New Vegas.... getting both games but as much as I love Bayonetta and Gears of War, New Vegas will get most of my playing time in the first week at least.
  16. 3, hard mode is not hard at all, just a matter of mashing squares and triangles. A good game, easy but enjoyable.
  17. If the M60 is anything like the Medic's M60 in BFBC2.. then omg OP!
  18. hey whatsup man MoH in two days! or one more day as of now!
  19. it'll sell well like Bad Company 2. 3-5mil across all platforms
  20. The new Dead Nation PSN title looks promising. Super stardust meets Left 4 Dead in a way, its got couch and online coop. Dead Rising 2's coop is suprisingly fun too, makes the game more enjoyable imo. Zombie games are meant for coop
  21. a 6 or 7 for difficulty. It's harder than GoW, somewhat equal to Bayonetta, but easier than Ninja Gaiden. The Paladin (hardest) difficulty isn't the problem since everything carries over from a easy or normal playthrough, the checkpoints are fair and help a lot. The real difficulty lies with the trials, a lot really depends on skill and will take some time. Several "hard" trials can take 10+ attempts requiring perfect execution for several minutes. I base this off just having a few chapters worth of trials left before platinum.
  22. horrible camera and map design on that level, one of the worst part of the game. there's should've been at least some lighting at the deadend to indicate turning right would be a possiblity.
  23. Difficulty doesnt seem to affect anything in terms of behavior and attacks, since it only changes dmg received/focus meter gains. Takes a couple of tries to get this down to under 1:30, got mine at 1:27 First get close and use the crystal shard. The timer will start on the 2nd punch that gets stuck, this part is somewhat important, you have to line yourself up to be very close to the gripple point, so that you can get a lot of jumps in before the first "shake". The extra 2-5 secs on small stuff like that can make it up in the end. oh and don't fall.. you have to restart from the beginning if you fall after the 2nd weakpoint.
  24. all my wishlist for 2010 are preordered and paid for. 2011 games that have me interested and will most likely get: Dead Space 2 Dragon Age 2 new Deus Ex Bioshock Infinite MvC3 Killzone 3 Infamous 2 Portal 2 Bulletstorm Crysis 2 Arkham City new Mortal Kombat
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