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  1. Good luck, this year, with your Extra Life goals. Thanks for stepping up when many others don't!

    1. Noid


      Appreciate that bud! <3

  2. I had figured it was just the Spanish term, potentially because Far Cry 6 just came out.
  3. I do this on my site: I show the latest 9 on each users' posts. It's minimal, adds a bit of flare, doesn't take up a lot of space.
  4. No prob, glad it is still finding some use!
  5. Hey guys, been a hot minute. I'm looking to pick up physical copies of a couple games that I have digital already so I can play offline without worry; this is going to be among the first. Do you guys know if there's a physical release that includes all DLC on the included disc(s)? Preferably I can boot the game up on a fresh PS4 without access to the internet and play all of the content available for the game. Patches and such I'm not too concerned about, as long as the base is there to be played. I'm aware of the "Old Hunters Edition" in Japan (and I love the look of it) but if I understand correctly it's only in Japanese. If however it has English subs and the ability to read item descriptions etc. in English, that'd be great. Any guidance on the most complete physical release? Secondarily - If anyone is selling their copy of such I'd be down to pick it up.
  6. Ah, fair. Yeah the front page is certainly custom. Though if they've integrated w/ the actual Invision Pages functionality to generate the front-page then I think it should be integratable as well (if that's even a word).
  7. I dunno how a front-page link took me to the specific page w/ this specific comment on it, but seeing it I might comment on it. Just a heads' up, Invision has an app and all you'd have to do to get on it is just sign up from the Admin panel. It's built into the tool you're already paying for, and easily accessible, if you want to provide it for those who prefer it.
  8. FYI on this forum software you can add and customize the Reactions. Here's what we have on my site:
  9. All these "didn't play it" votes - do y'all play games anymore?
  10. I mean yeah, this I'll sign up for.
  11. Likely, you probably just need to clear your cache. A Chromebook is literally just running the Google Chrome browser, and Chrome itself has no issue running the site.
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