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  1. Monaco Pole: Leclerc 1:10.8 Leclerc (FL) Sainz Verstappen Hamilton Russell Perez Pick em Russell Hamilton Sainz Norris Latifi Albon
  2. Wonder if they've left December open for Andor then. Exciting!
  3. I thought so too, Id have been caught out if I hadnt checked the next mornings picks on Streak to see what the slate looked like.
  4. thats what I was going for. Irrelevant anyway as the Avalanche fucked it
  5. Weird, definitely clicked any other number of Home Runs after the Roma game finished and didnt get the credit for it Add +1 to my score please!
  6. Haha I had an entire list of little things here and there which cost me/gained Martz points, glad for all of you that you dont have to suffer it Thanks mate, appreciate that. I understand, I know what Im like and would probably want others to win too if it was reversed In fact look how i cheered Fynn and Ahmed when they were against Shaun and Tom I just love this site and this league above all, its ridiculously challenging and also rewarding to win because I do put a lot into the game. Ripping each other is all part of the game really, makes it more fun. Got to take the highs with the lows as its what its all about. Its also why it annoys me when people dont contribute or enjoy it when theyre doing well as its like the league that started it all and made the fantasy sports community pretty much the main one still left on this site! Still think it would be fun to have a WhatsApp chat going as its easier to chat and stuff in there and wed all get on (eventually) but I dread what Id wake up to one day if you and DLM are up late one night
  7. Theyre mostly international or British leagues! My football team here have a league but they didnt want to put money in as I always win I finished second overall in Bahrain, guy had a stormer in the final week
  8. I did say, or meant to in my post, that its a tiny part of it but Ive found myself bored in most of the races so far. It would be good if the title wasnt decided on who retires the most though, its like the 90s again
  9. The gap between the front two and everyone else is even greater than before存o how has the new formula been a success?
  10. If youd put even half that time in youd have won a league on the site by now!
  11. Still not a bad year for me. Got 瞿550 for second and a further 瞿50 for a manager of the month award (January - missed out on May by a point!), 瞿195 for first in another league and 瞿120 for a third. 瞿915 isnt a bad haul for swapping a few shirts on a computer screen! The big league is 瞿130 to join and just a tenner for the other two; so 瞿915 from 瞿150 isnt bad going, least Ive paid off the next 6 years of failure Declined another league that was 瞿80 entry that I would have won because I felt I was paying too much to enter money leagues after my last couple of disappointing seasons, wish I bloody had now!
  12. I've had some time to calm down from the emotions of Sunday, good job I was out watching it with mates and not sat at home on here or I literally would have held Ctrl + V down on the Daffy GIF for a good 5 minutes and see what came out in the post Just an incredible season and a finish to match. To have a tiny corner of the internet, a few lads on a dying site based on a niche aspect of gaming, produce four players who all made the top 1k at different stages of the season is a ridiculous achievement. That's not taking into account two others who have finished there before (maybe more like Legion and Coisou in the old days? Regardless they aren't here anymore), and without even exaggerating I'll say that pound-for-pound we must have one of the most competitive mini-leagues in the world. Being effectively 13 behind, even when Kane got a goal and assist and Maddison scored, I still think I needed another few points at least. Then KDB got an assist and I thought it was definitely over, only for Southampton to score a shithouse goal and more importantly Watford too to ruin those clean sheets! I think I was one point behind by then and Matip got that beautiful assist (should have been a goal!) with max bonus as a consequenceand the dream seemed alive again as I was 7 points ahead with most games finishing. Then James got an assist and I was shitting myself again! Think the lead swapped hands 5 times in the last half an hour. If I had done the Salah > Mane move (and played Raphinha over Richarlison) I would have won by a point rather than 3, which would have been insane for a second time . The late James assist/Robbo goal cost me a finish of 565 according to LiveFPL, but I'll happily take 691 and a best ever finish. As much as I throw shit in the thread (mainly to get chat going) I'll always tip my hat to whoever afterwards, so congrats LetsTalkFPL Martz in particular on a great season. A tiny part of me does feel pretty sorry for you tbh, you have dominated this for at least 12-15 GWs and you haven't even blown it, your rank has stayed pretty much consistent, I just had two (well one really) ridiculous weeks. Closing 90 points in that time is almost impossible and if you simulated those last two weeks 50 times I'd only win once. This season in particular has been pretty bad for heartbreak and huge swings, seen a fair few who were cruising and got shafted by the KDB captain in 36 and the 90+ point FHs in 37. I myself finished second in a league where first prize is 瞿900 and second is 瞿550 ... the guy who won was 250k at New Year and from January to May was the 32nd highest scoring player in the world for points. He finished 198 ffs Of all the years for him to have a once-in-a-lifetime run it had to be this one. Always said it's so much harder to maintain rank than to chase...you're in a turgid slog of trying to cover people behind you in mini leagues and overall well-owned players and you feel almost punished for trying to have fun and take punts, which you can afford to do when you're behind. I'm not being patronising even though it sounds like it, but this was your first time in this position and it really showed with the Cash > Laporte move, even before a dollop of hindsight. If you'd have done a move in total isolation it would never have been that, and Robertson would have been a far better punt anyway even if you were trying to block me. Now you're 'hooked in' on the deeper workings of FPL and aren't picking Adama Traore second in Draft because he runs fast anymore, I'm sure you'll be back! Anyway, since Meeks has a lot on atm I've gone ahead and put the results in the HoF. Congrats to the winners! Well, winner really because second is just first loser and the H2H game is apparently diminished and the winner doesn't even want it. Go me!!!!!! (Just the one) Classic @Darth_Krid @Martz @The Last DJ 塔蛤 H2H @Martz @The Last DJ @dlm1988
  13. Better than #PassiveAggressivePlatt giving you shit in October and a massive backlog lol. Should be it for now, with two Champions League games to follow this weekend and then that's it for a while except NHL/NBA playoffs.
  14. Bloody hell @Slamma, you're on it this week! Here's another as might take Meeks a while, and since it's the blue riband event of the entire Sports Bar it needs to be up in lights ASAP kthxbai. Classic @Darth_Krid @Martz @The Last DJ 塔蛤 H2H @Martz @The Last DJ @dlm1988
  15. Always fun to look back on this! Sorry Platt Your GW1 team still does look pretty wank but maybe this was unfair. I got the 3 of the other top 4 right though and if you swapped me with Platt then no one would actually be further than two places higher/lower than I predicted them which is pretty good going! I fucked up the draft pretty badly this year (Aubameyang over KDB lol) but I think even if I reversed that that I'd be struggling because you all know my striker love with picking defenders last and this is the year that strikers went to die. Ronaldo wasn't in the draft and Kane only started showing up in February. Those with big defenders were laughing, it's amazing how the game has gone front to back over the years so it'll be very interesting next year to see how many of the Big Four (Five if Chilwell is fit?) full-backs go as first picks or if mids/strikers will still be snapped up. First pick next year has a very tough choice (won't be me lol, I've never had higher than 6th I don't think) between the reliability of Salah or the risk of Haaland who can break the game but also break his body every other week. Or even Kane under Conte. The good thing about draft is that you don't know how the season will pan out and it's too late to adapt halfway through so it's half prediction, half luck. No one would have known back in August that except Antonio who scored 90% of his points in the first three weeks that no striker would be in the top 20 points scorers half way through the season. We could all well jump on defenders/mids and neglect them next season, only to find strikers are suddenly the gold dust they used to be. Congrats anyway to the lads at the top, nice to see it actually close between 4 teams! Usually it's either 2 teams or just 1 who has it sewn up by March.
  16. Been thinking about it and I like @AshtimusPrime's suggestion to be honest. Let's face it, it doesn't matter where you finish from 2-4 or in the relegation zone as the result is the same. Thinking from next season: League winner & Golden Boot: 10 points each Pick 3 teams to finish 2nd-4th and 18th-20th: 5 points if they finish in that 'zone', positions irrelevant. I believe 'end of season' predictions have some importance to the game but the points should be perhaps more appropriate. This gives a max of 50 points compared to 80 this year.
  17. @Martz @Barra333 & @dlm1988 Lololololol no #FuckDaSlamzMeffod #ViperGotNoBite @Darth_Krid @Hirilorn @Martz Few more of these to come this week, that time of year
  18. The new regs haven't changed anything and have in fact made it worse. It was unrealistic to expect all 10 teams to be swapping wins like the fucking NASCAR lottery but we've still got the two-car monopoly except they've literally just swapped the silver/black cars for red ones and the midfield is even worse because they get stuck in DRS trains for 30 laps. Not to mention the physical harm they're causing the drivers. Hopefully it will pick up in the European season because most of the tracks have been shit street ones so far, but we'll see.
  19. Oops.... Here are the final standings with bonus points added! 1. Darth_Krid - 391 2. Hirilorn - 367 3. Martz - 365 4. ilion - 360 5. Platt - 352 6. NintendoDSplayer - 345 7. AshtimusPrime - 337 8. FootballPsycho - 330 9. Bic80 - 326 10. Barra333 - 325 11. JMeeks - 319 11. staytrue1985 - 319 13. sevenpanda - 286 14. A4Speedy - 239 Poor @iLiondrops out of the top 3 after leading until New Year and being the second horse in a two-horse race all season. iSpurs? Elsewhere... After a decade, I have finally done it! I've completed the set of major annual fantasy games on the site that I regularly take part in (so basically anything except fantasy handegg or slippery stick fighting). This one has always eluded me, finishing second once by a couple of points but otherwise not really doing too well. I came 900th out of 88k players on Superbru too where I used the exact same predictions just without doublers/goalscorers obviously. Been a fun season, I know it seemed like I was miles ahead for months but I was really conscious it could slip away very quickly so I never thought I was over the line until about GW36ish. Thanks for putting up with my last minute fixtures and anal deadlines, you love me really. It should be done earlier next season, this year I was waiting a lot until the PL added fixtures and stuff like that so it was hard to do two weeks in advance. On that note, I know it's been an extremely stop-start season and so many blanks/doubles etc that it became a bit messy so major thanks to pretty much all of you for sticking through it right until the end. Also considering just making the deadline kick-off of the first game next year; I know not everyone in here plays FPL so keeping everyone to those deadlines might get confusing. As long as I don't put the first game as goalscorer then there's no real advantage to be gained, the exception obviously being GW38 but then everyone will be in the same boat anyway. See you all in August! @Darth_Krid @Hirilorn @Martz
  20. We all picked players we can have a hearty laugh at tbh, Firpo is just the first player in FPL history to have fewer points than games played (5+ games).
  21. Thats usually what a Gentlemans Agreement is Other option is leaving the draft until after the transfer window is closed, but wheres the fun in that? Its fun to look back at GW1 drafts and who we thought would be good lol. Hiri picked Firpo who has an incredible record of 22 points from 23 games 不
  22. Can we PLEASE for the love of God have a gentlemans agreement to not make any transfers/waivers until the first international break? Or even the first week after the window closes since the season starts a week earlier than usual. It means people wont draft injured/dodgy players to get a bad score to nab the priority for the new transfers coming in, and also means the people who pick near the bottom dont get shafted by potentially having a really good week in Week 1 before the reality of their team comes to bite and they get last priority when they should have first due to initial pick order. The draft should be the most vital part of the game so we should make it mean something - I.e. youre stuck with that team for the first 3-4 weeks. One good thing about season starting early is no unanimous vote for 8th August draft 云
  23. Didnt realise that! Came in here to remind people its Thursday for the only time Cheers. Will try and update too before the race. This season is just a fucking coin flip over who will retire out of the top two, just a joke!
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