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  1. Yeah, just waiting for Smackdown before I post the card.
  2. Just give up with this game. Was on Bolivia but because of time zones it would be my only pick of the day and I’m running out of days to beat 8, so I went for Villanova who were about 30 points up and blew it 😡
  3. Seeing this list really brings it to the fore how few people signed up it sucks that we couldn’t get 30 (or more!) as I think it’s going to be great and I’m really excited for it. Was it not advertised enough or is there burnout after a double header of THL and wagers?
  4. Wasn’t BD-1, just another BD droid. Just like every astromech isnt R2-D2 😂
  5. I’ve done about 5 years’ worth of fecking spelling events in one. No more!
  6. PSN: Darth_Krid Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Darth_Krid/log Trophy #s 27748-27751 (CENA) 27752 (ROCK) 27762 (CHARLOTTE) 27771-27755 (FLAIR) 27778 (UNDERTAKER) 27801-27805 (VINCE) 27809-27811 (LEX) 27812-27816 (SHAWN) 27817-27819 (REY) 27820-27824 (STUDD) 27839 (SETH) 27840-27845 (BELAIR) 27847-27850 (BRET) 27851-27856 (DEL RIO) 27859-27862 (DREW) 27864-27868 (BROCK) 27891 (BECKY) 27919-27925 (SHEAMUS) 27928-27932 (HOGAN) 27935 (STONE COLD) 27938-27943 (DUGGAN) 27961 (EDGE) 27962-27968 (BATISTA) 27972-27978 (TRIPLE H) 27979-27983 (RANDY) 27984-27988 (ASUKA) So many good GIFs for this, I had to use them all.
  7. Do I? Shit! Thought @staytrue1985would be putting the hard yards into his new job. My bad!
  8. Nothing of interest this month. Can you kill people on the roller coasters?
  9. I don’t get emails from draft? Also I know who you’ll want so I need to fleece you.
  10. Missed Jumper Missed Layup Missed Jumper Missed Layup Missed Jumper Missed Layup *3 minutes later* Made Three Point Jumper I fucking hate you for resurrecting this @Slamma
  11. I would always associate AU with Australia (or gold ) for what it's worth.
  12. Lmao, there is sooo much wrong with this
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