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  1. looking to boost championship and trade wins psn MONSTERDADHELP please put f1 in message box
  2. you need to beat every race from 1 section, ie from street you need to beat every race from street, drift, hyper and drag. then go to pilot - narrative and watch the final vid.
  3. looking to boost tower of the elephant psn MONSTERDADHELP off work this week so can boost it any time
  4. i have been trying to get this trophy since starting the game, cannot play the game unpatched as disc comes pre loaded with 1.18, im now running 1.32 (latest) i challenged earlier today but the decision was not overturned despite the ball being clearly on the line, this is getting frustrating, i have done every other trophy except the grind trophies and im now mis-hitting shots on purpose. does anybody know a way of obtaining this trophy? i may drop back to 1.18 patch once i got all the other trophies to see if that helps.
  5. will be online all weekend, wanna get this done in a private match asap. psn MONSTERDADHELP please put moto in message box many thanx to Mr-_-mister, all done now.
  6. im online all day today, looking to get 10 timed and 5 bike timed aswel as boost all cops and robbers trophies. i can help with wildcats and 10 mile also. psn MONSTERDADHELP please put burnout in message box
  7. looking to do 10 timed challenges, 5 bike and cops and robbers trophies, already got wildcats and 10 mile bike trophies but will help others. psn MONSTERDADHELP
  8. got this in the very 1st speed car, jump on the highway, oncomming traffic and keep boosting, its easy enough to dodge the oncomming cars.
  9. looks like milestone have messed up with the gate events, i have played game on normal without much bother, found the event u r talking about, i have all cars in class unlocked (evo still best in class) i run all assits off except abs (braking) on very easy im 4 secs off the winning time in the nightime nambia event and there is a massive difficulty spike in all events of this type.
  10. not sure if its same event, but the 1st 1 i came accross was nearly impossible until i hit lvl 15 and unlocked the evo, beat it by 6 secs with evo and i hit 3 crosses.
  11. 400 plus fights, lvl 45 around 25 hours so far, playing online and just letting peeps roll over me (except for the idiots that use all there stamina up using over head punches) 10 xp every couple mins
  12. i just wanted to start a discussion as i like to try new things and often discussions like this one lead me to play a new class or style of play. Also it is great for giving each other tips and tricks,
  13. beat me to it, good answer, thought and pationts are required as crafting points become increasingly sparse
  14. each class has its own rank, your rank is determined by the quantity and quality of your star cards, ie if u had 10 white (1) star cards your officer class he will be rank 10. if u level those cards up using scrap then your class will improve. so basically you have received a lot of star cards for your unused specialist and officer and nothing for your assault and heavy. the system is really unfair. this is where all the controversey has come from as the only way to earn scrap and star cards (outside of challenges) is by buying loot boxes hence the pay to win system which ha srecently been disabled.
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