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  1. Trophy Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________ Boosting Method: __________________________________________________
  2. hey guys, i need to boost "Death from Above" PsID: jabberosx_ EST hours. but essentially avaiable any time from 6PM EST to 2-3AM.
  3. Looking to boost The Real Deal (mvp 3 times). Please add me: "Jabberosx_" (mention rdr2 in message) thanks.
  4. Im having the exact issue. Ive looked all around and cant find it. Ive loked at the floor below and all across that room. But no luck
  5. Need serious help with beta rescue diamond.. am getting Rap*d.. no other word for it. Been struggling with it on and off for 6months now.. I just keep sayying.. nonononoooooo :'( Any help would be appreciated. PSN:Jabberosx_
  6. thanks guys.. got it in first try in untouchable. Just took forever to ding!
  7. hmm.. didnt think about that.. I'll try and knock it out tonight keeping the combo up. hopefully that will do it. For some reason I can only do 4 shots in untouchable before getting hammered
  8. [ame= ] [/ame] I can confirm its glitched. As you can see I get 7 in a row perfect without damage and the trophy still doesn't pop. I am so done with the game at this point.
  9. redo any mission from memory seq 4. and then try
  10. All co-op missions are solo able. But they go through a lot faster and funner if you play with others.. And also you will need to play onlne with others to get the sync kills. But you'll get them before you finish playing all the co-ops with randoms.. (I got all 10 kills in one mission..) plus you need to watch out for sync points as they are only available in co-ops and you needs those points to buy new skills. But the game was definitely fun.. Cant wait to start playing dead kings dlc.. Word of advice.. go out of your way to acquire the social clubs and renovating the Cafe as soon as you can in the game.. This will generate so much cash that you will be able to max out all items to make the later part of the game a lot easier..
  11. Run around the area with eagle vision and it'll show up on your mini map. The reason its not showing is you havent been in its vicinity. Its a glitch of some sorts .. same thing happened to me for a sync point in co-op kill the Jardins or something.. the last sync point was not showing up on mini map.. third time playing the co-op i just looked around for it with eagle vision running most of the time and it popped up once i got in range.
  12. I need the same. And I know how to do it. So lets get together tonight 10PM EST and we can knock it out in 30 mins. We will need another guy. 4 folks to start a game. I've done it on my Ps3 account. Need to finish this off on my PS4. I need All China DLC's actually.. bomber deliver ribbon as well. so if we have 3 more dedicated folks we can knock this out in one night.
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