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  1. Nevermind, found it. Rich, 20cm sign on the door Just cowbear now. Ugh.
  2. Last 3 help! Guidance 2-2-3 It says it's palm sized and looks like a little sign hanging on a nail. I need cowbear, which I know how to get And then just 2 of the smaller planet sized cosmos things. I just have to stop and look around to find them before I get too big since I think they disappear once you get larger.
  3. Need a friend who's played this to get that one trophy. Thanks
  4. No guide? This site is slowly dying
  5. I found a list on the games wki & compared it to the games list. Just missing the one in the police station right inside the entrance to the right on the wall
  6. Dang, just missing 1 info about my killer before judgement house. Have everything else. Is there a full list of these with locations so I can tell which one I might be missing and where?
  7. Well I had to play it a fourth time luckily you can just speed run it again. It unlocked when the first credit started rolling.
  8. I just completed the game the third time (first time was just for fun second time was slow and this third time was the speed run) with a speedrun to get that trophy but I didn't get completionist three trophy which is complete the game three times so I still don't have my platinum. Do I really have to play this game a fourth time!?
  9. When you look at your trophy progress all the descriptions are up one from where they should be on the trophies.
  10. Do any of the dlc equipment make of this faster? Current sale on a few things
  11. I'd say a 4. I'm just replaying level 43 a bunch right now to get my 5000 portals and platinum. There was only one or two levels where I looked at a picture of the final solution to get a better idea what I was doing wrong. The rest of them were pretty easy just took a while to set things up.
  12. How TF do you get Spring cleaning? I have everything upgraded and finished everything but this and it seems like time just runs out. Even on the easiest first level... I get to the end in like 4 minutes and try to kill a bunch of stuff when the purple sphere is up and it just ends. This is all I need for the platinum. edit. Finally got it. You have to make sure to be the girl because if you're not she keeps trying to capture the bigger guys even if you have it on neutralize.
  13. I'm only missing two from mission 5 the swamp. I think number 23 and 24 I played it a couple times and can't find them.
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