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  1. Thank you for answer. I dont mind your opinions about multi in this series, i found it very fun and enjoyable. Especially after finishing whole game. I just hope there will be one part that will bring multiplayer to PS4... Maybe next time.
  2. Hello everyone. I cant find anywhere any information if this game has any kind of multiplayer added? Trophy list has no multiplayer related trophies, no review ive read mentions any modes available. I’d be interested in multiplayer like it was since brotherhood with hunting eachother not this shit cooperation mode where everyone was running everywhere hey didnt needed to... Any information is apreciated I miss that great hunting mode so much... was lot of fun. Best maps though were in brotherhood.
  3. Hey, im looking for people to make invite trophy and oponent for my party at the skyvault. Put something in message please. PSN: Teravius
  4. Hey all, i need coop partners to do all dlcs trophies and make third playthrough. Im lvl 52 Siren. Send me a message if you want to team up PSN: Teravius
  5. My vote went for 7. This game is very enjoyable still few trophies are hard to get. Feats and Badges are the biggest challenge here. Also reaching rank 50 isnt easy task with empty servers now... It's sad that such cool game died
  6. No, you cannot see your badges and feats during game,only in main menu dropship sadly... Use your pen and paper! or just memorize what you need
  7. I know what you talk about. This guy was named probably something like [your_mum_was_fun] or such. Had the same thing.
  8. Fastest XP far method is to have 2 boosting partners and kill them conesecutively with knife fatality. +12 XP each kill. you can obtain 1,5 -2 ranks each match.
  9. Yesterday i had error 2020 while starting game. It didnt let me into main menu even. I turned off game back to XMB and started again, logged immidiately on first try. Werid? Only armored soul till game remove
  10. With save feature i managed to keep x9 multiplier for most of the game. Avoiding bullets is so easy here. For harder(?) waves you always can use bomb...
  11. Before reaching lvl 100 i had all trophies except alien autopsy. Farming these green bastards took me to wave 160 as i was killing them accidentally so many times with fully upgraded ship :S So much fun from game anyway
  12. Voted 3/10 Fairly easy game, Alien Autopsy is bit irritating when you have better ship as you will kill many aliens accidentaly. So much pleasure from gameplay for everyone who likes arcade games
  13. Now, with the almost dead game some badges and feats are crazy hard to obtain without boosting. I suggest you to get 2-3 people to team up and boost everything together. I also suggest to do all trophies possible before going for "Like a Boss" trophy. I reached rank 40 and it was my last trophy to get. Im sad that such a good game will die permanently soon... Let's hope for a third part maybe someday if some devs will buy rights
  14. I had the same situation. Completed like one quest and pressed X on quest i did not done yet and trophy poped. Nice glitch but still doesnt really matter on a way to 100%.
  15. <no longer need anyhthing, got plat> Thank you Wolf_Maximilian and GENOX for help!
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