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  1. Initially, there wasn't a joke. Now, the joke is that you just saw King Kong.



  2. I think you're missing the point

  3. It's really foggy there right?

  4. Are you back from Vegas?

  5. #StartTheCarr......Rrrrrraiders!!!!!

  6. Yeah I didn't know that about him at first either. Cody lambert is 2-4. What part of 4 you talkin about

  7. I think he is. I think they listed him with his real first name and misspelled his last name. Fk tho I don't think there is any villain I hate even remotely as much as tong po. It's my understanding this is a remake of kb2

  8. Ugh...not Tong Po again Kickboxer: The Road Back (2015) - IMDb


    Also, I'll be really surprised if Sasha still has his moves these days. The guy is huge now.

  9. This is getting old. We need Roger Dorn to activate himself

  10. I won't be able to play them anyway. Stuck on ng3 then have like a 20 game backlog consisting of mostly 100 hour plats

  11. Pretty much same as me. Only 3 so far and it's not for lack of trying on my other 2 unfinished games. Have played enough hours to finish them but I'm not even close on either
  12. That's amazing that you can beat this in under 40 hours, although you have platted all the other games. I'm at 45hours and I'm not even halfway through my first playthrough. I suspect I'm going to royally screw something up some how and end up needing like 5 playthroughs or something. I have no idea what I'm doing in this game. Meeting the quarterly assignments has been pretty easy because you can just make or buy a bunch of crappy items, but everything else seems really hard. I'm struggling to juggle everything else because of the time management (being able to upgrade my characters, make money, find decent ingredients, craft decent items, and complete jobs for other people). I just got to the Ster Highlands during assignment 7, I'm dead broke, have crap armor, crap weapons other than Rorona, and I'm getting my ass kicked. I've only used Cory and Iksy the whole time so I'm probably screwing myself in regards to reaching max friendship with everyone else. I'm sure I'm missing events by being out of town trying to explore and gather ingredients. I've read the previous trophy guide and krystal's walkthrough and I still can't master the time management. I suspect this will end up taking me well over 100 hours.
  13. Are the new masks only limited time then?
  14. Need help with 4 more UN trials. Have only managed to beat UN2. Also looking to boost level 99
  15. I've seen some things say this sale goes until 6/30 others say 7/7. I think maybe the summer sale is 7/7 and they will replace this set of games with others after tomorrow but I don't know. I've been waiting for this to go on sale, but with my luck as soon as I buy it, they'll announce a ps4 port
  16. Does anyone know how to get sticker residue off of a game manual or insert? I Bought a used game on ebay didn't realize it had stickers on it. I managed to take the sticker off the manual without causing any damage or leaving paper behind but it's still kinda sticky. All the information online is about removing stickers/residue from cases which I have no problem doing.
  17. You still mad at me?

  18. Dang, Julien Lowe pulled a Vendrell for real.

  19. In the video the original graphics are on the left and the newer ones are on the right correct? So the new version looks more like the other games in the series?
  20. I'm thinking of getting into this series, but don't have a vita. I'm going to wait for this version instead of getting the original Rorona, but my question is do you think the other plus versions will stay vita exclusives and I'm safe to buy the original ps3 versions of Totori and Meruru? It just seems really weird to me that this one is getting a PS3 re-release and the others didn't especially since this is the oldest one. I guess I have the same question for the Dusk series, I see Ayesha already got a plus release for vita in Japan and wondering what will happen if/when they localize that. Thanks
  21. It's mainly the colonel trophy I'm concerned about. I suspect that this will take a lot of time and fuel which will mean either buying it or completing a game, wait for more fuel, repeat but I guess there's no way to know yet
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