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    Used to be an athlete, now I'm not.
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    Pacific (GMT-7)
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    Disabled because of physician negligence and corporate greed

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    -Atelier Rorona Plus
    -Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
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    Finish all games in my trophy list. Then move on to my ~20 game backlog filled with 100hr JRPGs

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    I hate social networking

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  1. Initially, there wasn't a joke. Now, the joke is that you just saw King Kong.



  2. Not hip enough to see the joke in it. Is it supposed to be kawaii? I just see wild game for the frying pan lol.


    Side note though. Weebs can now fulfil their dreams.

  3. I think you're missing the point

  4. Koalas tasty like retrievers and rottweilers?

  5. Yea pretty much same as SF. Doesn't matter how hot it is in afternoon. Overcast, cold, wind, fog by evening on daily basis lol. Im liking the wind though.

  6. It's really foggy there right?

  7. Yea, back in april to Daly City. Can't afford a place in San Fran atm.

  8. Are you back from Vegas?

  9. Yu Suzuki back on the grind.

  10. Where have you been?

  11. #StartTheCarr......Rrrrrraiders!!!!!

  12. They never show Kickboxer 2 or 3 ever on TV for me but played out 1 & 4. I always thought 2 & 3 were different nobodies lol.


  13. Yeah I didn't know that about him at first either. Cody lambert is 2-4. What part of 4 you talkin about

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