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  1. Need al the online trophies, message me PSN: Van-Helsings
  2. Hey I finished this game 100% on PS3 and all my progress carried over. I know what to do, have a lot of teeth. Going for 100% in PS4 too PS: I have mic EST GMT -5 but I'm online most of the time
  3. Hi going for all the DLC trophies, add me, I have mic and I know mostly what to do PSN: Van-Helsings Timezone: EST GMT-5 Thanks
  4. Need online trophy such as the ranked match Add me PSN: Van-Helsings
  5. What do you mean by main site guides? Edit: I found the answer, you just have to click the Guides tab on the main site instead of searching for guides through search engines such as Google
  6. Need coop all 4 missions Add me, I have mic too PSN: Van-Helsings
  7. Need all online trophies PSN: Van-Helsings Timezone: EDT (GMT -5) Thanks
  8. Looking for most of the zombies trophies I have all the DLCs as well so I need those too PSN ID: Van-Helsings Timezone: EST I have a mic and would prefer if you had one too, add me!
  9. PSN: Van-Helsings GMT -5 Looking to boost raiders of the sky and 1000 matches played send me a message please
  10. Hey i need to do multi kills, I have 2 consoles so I only need 1 other person and we can do it, I can teach you how to do it as well. Message me! Thanks PSN: Van-Helsings
  11. Hi I need challenger and 100 online battles trophies Thanks! PSN: Van-Helsings
  12. Hey i need all online trophies, but im mainly trying for war party first, thanks! PSN: Van-Helsings
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