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  1. Just got the platinum for Uncharted 3 on PS4. Was nice to go back and revisit the game, and not be bogged down by a bunch of multiplayer trophies. Being able to use cheats for Brutal mode was a godsend - after going through Uncharted 2's Brutal mode legit I felt I'd done my time.
  2. Took me just over 21 hours. Using tweaks for Brutal mode made things much faster, and I completed both speedruns in one playthrough. Had to do some cleanup for treasures and miscellaneous trophies. Got the two kills with one thrown back grenade by luck, so I didn't have to spend time working on that.
  3. I gave it 3/10, using tweaks for Brutal mode. Without them I'd say 5/10. Crushing mode isn't too bad, and Brutal mode isn't nearly as bad as in Uncharted 2, in terms of being at the mercy or pure luck at the beginning of some checkpoints. I killed two people with one thrown back grenade by luck, so I don't know how difficult it is to do intentionally. The speedrun time is very generous - I still had about 45 minutes to spare when I finished.
  4. Just got the Platinum for SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. I'd never played the original so I don't know how different/improved the game is, but I enjoyed it. It was a relaxed platformer that didn't overdo it on the collectibles.
  5. I gave it 2/10. The bosses are really straightforward, the game is generous with checkpoints. I used a guide here and there for collectibles. Without a guide I'd say 3/10.
  6. I went with 16-20 hours, thought I used a guide as little as possible. Following one from the beginning will save you time.
  7. Just got the Platinum for GTA Vice City as part of the original trilogy (not that "definitive" one). Really interesting experience, as out of the three released on PS2 I'd played this one through once, whereas I've played the other two many times. Seeing the improvements over GTA3, but where San Andreas improved even more was interesting (for things like motorcycle handling, etc). The Take the Cannoli trophy sucked a lot of fun out of the trophy hunting experience. I really don't like games that have a requirement that goes well beyond what you'd get for natural play. After getting 100% I had a Criminal Rating of about 4,500; you need 1,000,000 for the Cannoli trophy. It took a lot more grinding than something like this should.
  8. I went with 26-35 hours, using the exploding cars cheat to grind through the Take the Canolli trophy. I used a guide for the collectibles.
  9. I gave it 3/10. I was lucky to snipe a seagull by accident, and looked in the comments related to the wheelie trophy for a super easy method. A couple of the unique stunts are tricky; I recommend trying to get them out of the way asap so you don't miss one thinking you completed it earlier, because the game didn't count it on your first attempt.
  10. It took me less than 5 hours by skipping through all dialogue.
  11. I gave it 1/10, following the guide.
  12. I give it 3/10, playing on normal difficulty. The final mission was the worst one, as enemies fire rockets at you from positions your gun can't reach. Everything else is really simple though.
  13. I went with 16-20 hours. A lot of the side quests don't need to be done, and only half of the relics are needed.
  14. Just got the Platinum for Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. I've already gotten the Plat for this on PS3, but it was included with Far Cry 5 so I ended up doing it again. It was nice not having to do the co-op trophies this time!
  15. It took just over 10 years, but I finally got the Platinum for Ratchet and Clank All 4 One. This is a game designed to be played co-op, so my opinions on it are a little warped as I played solo. The AI is horrific at times, and the fixed camera can be a real chore. A lot of R&C fans seems to hate this game, but I think your views on it are based on whether you played this alone or with a mate. Glad to finally get this off my back log!
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