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  1. Looking for a ps5 boosting partner Psn is Duke_Of_Limbs. Happy to do all online trophies.
  2. Hi there, looking to boost this trophy. UK time but can play anytime really PSN is ross2816
  3. Looking to boost multiplayer trophies! Add me ross2816
  4. Hey looking to boost all online trophies. PSN is ross2816 and I'm GMT. Add me!
  5. Hi, Looking for someone to help with extracting from all dark zone locations as it can be pretty frustrating doing it solo! Willing to help in return with any trophies you need. UK time zone but happy to play anytime, PSN is ross2816. Thanks
  6. Looking to beat Terramorpheous and any other trophies that you guys need. Have a level 51 Commando and ready to go. Send me a message or an add. PSN - ross2816
  7. Need 3 other people for the trophy which is complete 5 quests with the same 3 people in one session. I have the 5 quests ready to turn in so shouldn't take more than 15-20 mins. PS4 only, ID is ross2816. Thanks! Also would like to do harran athletics.
  8. Need all multiplayer trophies. PSN is ross2816 add me and lets get them done
  9. Looking for someone to help me with this trophy. For it you need to have the double barrelled shotgun and the MAC 10 unlocked online. I am a massive trophy hunter with over 7000 trophies and 86 platinums and will gladly help you out with anything you need in return! Thanks for reading. GMT and PSN is ross2816
  10. PSN - ross2819 In the UK, looking to do both co-op trophies.
  11. We have a group of 5 boosting 1000 respect. Message me if you want to join us. Will be on until its done. UK/EU only. ross2816
  12. UK here, looking to boost 1000 respect. Will be available all day so feel free to add me ross2816
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