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  1. Looking to boost 200 kills and all slayer weapon kills Wil be online for the next 4 hours or so. Send a friend request saying doom trophies and we can get started! Psn Otaku51
  2. Got all the trophies thnx all for helping!
  3. Looking for 3 for the enter the raid trophy. I dont want to do the raid just get the trophy! Psn Otaku51
  4. Need help with the DZ trophies; invaded hijack and killing a disavowed agent in al DZ’s Send me a friend request saying division 2 dz trophies PSN Otaku51 timezone GMT+1
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I did this and it using the exploit it unlocked all difficulty trophies plus the no vita chamber trophies. I started on survivor, but wasn't enjoying the game so turned it down to easy thinking I'll do a ng+ survivor run. But curious as I was I tried the exploitand it works. Just set the difficulty to survivor after sticking the end boss for the last time. I changed the difficulty right before the punch and the white screen. Hope this helps anyone ^^
  7. Hey guys, need help with the 20 rogue kils, willing to trade kills! Psn Otaku51 Gmt +1
  8. Voted a 3 based on the ace pro bending round and the chapter 5 extreme naga boss fight. Though the latter is rather easy after learning how to dodge all attacks and using the water bending power. The shield gives korra another 'life' and recharges in seconds! Other than that it's all a breeze but extremely fun!
  9. Gave this a 3. Compared to Drake's Fortune this one is much easier on Crushing! Only the start of chapter 25 gave me a bit of trouble..
  10. 11-15 hours for the platinum. Crushing is available right off the bat, collectibles can be collected whilst running crushing and if you use all the weapons related to trophies there wont be much clean up needed.
  11. I gave it a 5. I would say a 3/4 for experienced players but a 5 for new players, most new players will look at the rating so I gave it a 5. The first uncharted's crushing difficulty remains the hardest of all 3 for me.
  12. EDIT: Done boosting. To who ever is looking to get the I hope you have insurance trophy; there are still some people playing online. I would advise to search worldwide and no preferred faction. Equip your heal beam and possibly a character which transforms into a jet and hang behind your random teammates and heal whenever you can. Also using the no shield recharge HACK helps scoring heals.
  13. Hey guys, need a call out and will help others sending callouts! Psn Otaku51
  14. Yep thought the same thing, but I still gave it a shot. I'm currently doing a vendor-rip run for 2 hours to gather as much ammo, junk and caps as possible. Then I'm reinstalling the patch, and whenever I'm short of something I'll just repeat the steps! @optimusmart I've read the same thing, therefor I won't do any quest while playing without any patch (day1 or 1.02)
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