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  1. Around 50 hours for the plat and completing all the challenge tombs. Fun game, but the platforming mechanics could've been a lot better.
  2. Just got the plat. I think 4/10 is a fair rating. Lots of collectibles can be a chore, but at least everything is marked on the map and you get a good chunk of the collectibles just by playing the game. Being able to restart checkpoint to farm all combat trophies really helps too. Some tips for Deadly Obsession playthrough... - This playthrough is super easy for the most part if you have done all the DLC challenge tombs. Completing them all gives you the Tunic Of The Shorn Ones, which reduces melee and ranged damage. Highly recommend you use this outfit from the start. Some of the DLC guns like the silenced shotgun and assault rifle are really good too. But really, any upgraded guns will do in this mode. - Spam the herbs. Especially the perception one. There's no survival vision in this mode, so the perception herb is your best friend in combat and stealth sequences and prevents you from getting flanked. The slow-motion aim and extra health herbs can be useful too. You should have a ton of gold left over from your original playthrough. So don't be shy. Spam herbs non-stop and just buy flowers from merchants. - For Cenote, I highly recommend watching a video guide beforehand of the chase sequence and the subsequent climb after. You really don't want to make a mistake in that section, as dying there because of a wrong jump can set you back 30+ minutes of gameplay all over again. - For the final boss fight. When you enter the area, don't try to kill all the enemies right away. Just ignore the enemies and run in a circle while breaking all 3 pillars. Heal up if you get hit. Once all 3 pillars are broken and the actual boss fight starts, most of those enemies will automatically disappear. Against the boss himself, it's super easy to cheese the fight by using the slow-motion aim herb and going for headshots. Put some distance between you and him, use the slow-mo herb, and blast his head as he runs towards you. Fight shouldn't take more than 5 min.
  3. Looking to get Death From Above trophy from community games servers. It looks like 2 people are needed on each team to start the game. So 4 in total. I have 3 people already (including myself), so looking for 1 more. Eastern time zone. Usually on around 9pm most days. Please post a message here if you're interested and I'll add you. Edit: got the trophy.
  4. Yeah, it's very doable after the new patch now. Got it in like 20 minutes. The key in my opinion is to zoom out when shooting at the bombers. Lead your shot slightly and aim for the top two bombers first before going for the one at the lower angle.
  5. I fee like it's more to do with what areas I'm in. Some areas are better rendered and there is better draw distance/less pop in. Other areas are pretty bad. My frame rate was getting pretty choppy when I was around the great library area in Alexandria.
  6. Around 15 hours in so far, it's definitely one of the better AC games I've played recently. Story is pretty engrossing, and I like how you actually have a hit list and targets now. The new combat system is also fun. I wasn't a fan of the Batman: Arkham clone that the combat system in AC Syndicate was becoming. At the same time though, I see this game having a bunch of flaws that hold it back from being great. The RPG elements are hit and miss. I feel like most of the abilities you're given are pretty generic and don't really lead to having particular builds. And using tools like fire bombs or poison corpses are absolutely useless when you do higher and faster damage with just the conventional weapons. Speaking of weapons, while I like the gear upgrade system, I feel like it just leads to playing with the same equipment the whole time. Like I have a legendary sword I got at level 5. It's still the best sword I have at level 20 now that I've upgraded it. The game has given me no new sword with better or even equivalent stats to replace my old sword with. I go to every blacksmith that appears on the map, and none of them ever have any gear worth buying. It's a bit demoralizing to not have something in the shops to work for and having to rely on either RNG from the treasure boxes or microtransactions with helix credits to obtain new legendary gear. So, you're stuck with playing with the same weapon you've already played hours with, or playing with an inferior weapon just for the sake of trying out something new. It's cool that the map has a lot of locations. But so many of these locations are basically cookie cutter outposts or small groves. It gets pretty repetitive to run to a new location, throw up your eagle, tag the treasure and captain/animal you're supposed to kill and run through the location in a couple of minutes. Like Far Cry, this game uses the sheer size of the map to overwhelm you and cover up the shallowness of the actual activities on the map.
  7. In terms of exploration, I'd compare this to ACIV. But in terms of combat, character and gear progression, this plays like more like a typical RPG. There is also a heavy Far Cry feel. The map is "flat", with horizontal movement emphasized over vertical movement.
  8. Dismantling as well. It's a lot easier getting drachma in this game than raw materials (which require grinding). 10 or so hours into the game and so far, I haven't really seen any weapons in the shops that's better than what I've currently got equipped. So I haven't really had a need to spend any drachma yet.
  9. Took me 65 hours to get the plat. But I really took my time building my army during Act 4. Had all my warchiefs maxed out and most of my recruited orcs in the level 50s by the end. Considering that there's no way for you to influence pit fights, why isn't there an option to simulate them? It was so aggravating having to sit through some of those fights watching the terrible orc AI simply circle each other for two minutes lol. I also wasted quite a bit of time getting all collectibles on foot. If you wait till unlocking the summon drake ability before going for collectibles, you can save a chunk of time, considering the drake gets from one end of the region to another in about 10 seconds. Anyways, this was a fun game and a worthy sequel. Albeit a bit too grindy near the end. Looking forward to giving the DLC a shot when it releases.
  10. I'd say this was a 4 while playing on normal difficulty. You'll die a bit early on (especially against orc captains who have the "no chance" bonus), but once you have a character build you're comfortable with and know the best way to approach each type of enemy captain, the game gets pretty easy. Try having a legendary/epic bodyguard in each region as well, and keep them scaled to your level. They help a lot in keeping some of the heat off you during tough battles. As far as trophies go, the only one that was a bit tricky was Trolling. DO NOT waste time like I did and try doing that with normal ologs. They barely do any damage. Keep an olog with an elemental weapon as your bodyguard. Call him whenever you have an opposing captain at low health. Then, hit your olog bodyguard repeatedly till he betrays you, stun him quick with a charged headshot and ride him into the weakened captain.
  11. Sounds like a bug. Orcs that already on your army screen shouldn't be disappearing unless they're killed. Try leaving the region and then coming back. Maybe that solves the issue. Here's an easier tip to get better orcs though. Send your weak orc to fight in the Champions level pit fight. He'll be matched up against a higher level orc and will most likely get killed. The winning enemy orc will still be in the pit after the fight ends (he'll also be wounded by the fight). Simply run to him and recruit him into your army. Use a wealth gem in your Rune to increase levels of orcs that you recruit. I used this method to build my army up for Act 4. Much faster than having a level 20 orc fight multiple battles in pit fights just to get up level 35-40.
  12. Can't stress this enough, but take the time to do the daily and community challenges. Most are easy (go to x place and kill x number of enemies using x method), but the rewards are really nice. Some give you gold currency outright, others will offer chests that contain xp boosts (which is the main thing you should be after) and legendary items that will help with Shadow Wars. I've been on xp boosts the last 10 or so hours I've played this game, and still have 3-4 boosts left. These boosts make a huge difference in getting you to lvl 60 asap.
  13. Another easy way of getting the Wild Things trophy is to keep loading up online conquest until you're attacking a fortress that has a "Hellfire" upgrade (which is the dragon in the cage breathing fire at the gate). Most fortresses seem to have this upgrade. Simply approach the cage, and use the summon graug ability to call a graug. Shoot the cage with the bow to break it and quickly mount the graug. The drake inside the cage will stay grounded, making it an easy target to attack. Keep attacking and maximize your Graug's might bar. When the drake is around 20% health, press Square+Triangle to do your graug's execution move on the drake which guarantees that you get the kill and the trophy.
  14. Almost done Shadow of War, then it's time to move on to this. Couldn't resist though and played a little (got to Siwa). Game looks terrific. Combat system finally got a much-needed overhaul.
  15. Yeah, I've had that as well. It's definitely not your controller as I'm using a brand new month old controller. I've noticed that it especially happens with the elven light skill when I hit square to attack and then x to vault really fast. The game thinks I'm pressing square and x together.
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