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  1. The Vita version is prone to crashes and save data loss and always has been; it has nothing to do with the new update. A bunch of people on PSNP lost their save data for the Vita version for no discernible reason. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/62572-warning-lost-save-progress-twice/#comment-1763548 Between the poor load times compared to every other version, crashes, and save data loss, the Vita version isn't great to say the least.
  2. Yikes, thanks for the warning. I'm also working on playing all the songs and would have been peeved if I lost all my progress. I'm playing the digital version so I'm not sure if it's also affected, but I deleted the update before it finished just in case until I get the platinum. EDIT: Looks like digital is also affected. The developer posted a tweet saying they're aware of the issue:
  3. You can still get epic cards from special event crates like the ones they had for completing all the weekly challenges in the Last Jedi season. It's just the three regular crates (trooper, starfighter, and hero) that don't award them.
  4. I never said anything about proof...? It definitely suggests that it will be a separate trophy list though; how many times has that Kung Fury situation occurred, especially across the same console as Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR are? Not to mention that Bethesda themselves said during a stream that the trophy list is the same but separate. EDIT: Just as I suspected, the trophy list is now syncing and is indeed separate: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6931-skyrim-vr
  5. I asked someone who has the game already to check their trophy list or sync their trophies, and they said that they wouldn't sync. That means the trophy list isn't on Sony's servers yet, which all but confirms it's a separate trophy list and explains why we haven't seen the new list pop up yet. Comment regarding syncing of the new list here:
  6. Like many others, I had no issues with crushing until chapter 6 with that damn APC encounter. I tried to no avail for like an hour then ended up switching to explorer difficulty just to get it over with. I'll replay 6 onward on crushing with cheats. It really is a huge difficulty spike out of nowhere, which shouldn't still be a problem after this many Uncharted games.
  7. I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen many people say it works and only one say it doesn't. So I assume it does, and that one person was doing something wrong. You've got nothing to lose by trying it out for yourself.
  8. Not the guy you were asking, but I think it pretty much just comes down to luck. One good method for MP and card farming seems to be at 100 Acre Wood; there are several breakable items inside Pooh's house and a whole ton outside Rabbit's house. You'll get a good amount of MP there for sure, but there's also a chance you'll get some good cards just from breaking items. Another method is farming Conqueror's Respite on a high floor; just enter from the subsequent floor (going back down), break all the items in the room, then go back up. Teleport to another floor and back to reset items, then rinse and repeat. As a note, when buying card packs from a moogle room, you don't really have to "hope for the best". Save before buying a pack, and if you don't get anything good, reload your save and try again. That way you don't waste MP on a bunch of cards you don't want.
  9. It's identical to insane in difficulty. The only difference is that you only have one life.
  10. I think I speak for everyone when I say fuck this level 100 trophy. It wouldn't be so bad if they added a trophy for reaching the level cap with each new DLC pack, but they didn't so this level 100 trophy came absolutely out of nowhere. I had fun with the game for most of my way to the platinum, but I had every trophy (including DLC) before reaching level 50 so I even had to grind just for that. Another 50 levels on top of that is ridiculous and a desperate attempt to keep people playing.
  11. The sensor is on the headset, right between the two lenses. As for Move controllers, I don't believe The Playroom VR even supports them so there'll be no issues there. Dualshock 4 is your only option.
  12. You can absolutely platinum the entire game solo; I did it myself pretty easily. The hardest two games to do solo are Wanted! and Ghost House. For Wanted I pulled the visor out all the way so I could look up and see the TV screen beneath it, then just copied what was on the TV. For Ghost House, I covered the IR sensor with a piece of tape so that it wouldn't detect that I wasn't wearing the headset (which pauses the game), then held the headset with one hand and the controller with the other while looking at the TV screen to find the ghosts. Every other game is dead simple. I'd actually say the above two methods are easier than doing it legit with multiple players.
  13. If anything, it's harder. AT-STs get shot down instantly since everyone and their mother has an ion torpedo, so good luck getting 25 trample kills. Winning a match of Hero Hunt is a bitch with the way it works now. Defeating the Millenium Falcon and Slave 1 is way more luck-based than it used to be since hardly anyone ever chooses those ships anymore, and then when they do you have to be lucky enough to be the one to destroy them. But it's doable. I only started the game this September and I just got the platinum a couple weeks ago without any boosting.
  14. I gotta agree that score attack is bullshit. It almost seems like an oversight that the second two lives are so much harder than the first; if not, it's just bad game design. If they're designed to be that much harder then just forget about giving any extra lives at all and just make it instant death, that would honestly make a lot more sense. As it is it's super annoying, and makes getting 8000 points way harder than it should be with three lives.
  15. So I finally found the very last skittle I was missing in the Mines of Death, but upon completing the chapter no trophy popped for collecting all the skittles. Has anyone else has this problem? Not really looking forward to going through the entire game collecting all the skittles again just to hope it unlocks the second time. And is there really no way to view your collectibles on each level with completing the level? So far I've gone through 5 of the 7 levels just to check the stats screen and the end and make sure I didn't miss one (I didn't) but there has to be a better way to check. EDIT: After going through every level to check if I'd missed any skittles, the trophy popped upon completing the final level I had to check (Hotel Hell in my case). For anyone else having the same problem, replay each level and it should pop.
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