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  1. I got the 100% a few weeks ago, I'd rate it a 6/10 due to Elite Difficulty, the online was easy albeit time consuming with botzone, co-op is easily solo-able if you use 2 consoles, grinding out wins every 10 mins by just reviving your partner/alt. Elite mode is intimidating, but asides from the very nervy last part of chapters 6 and 7 and parts of chapter 9, it's quite easily managed, it's more the nerves if anything. Chapter 6 is intimidating, it's long and the final section can be slightly scary as you don't have your owl. Throughout most of the chapters fights you can abuse the hell of out of echo, she silenty takes out any soldier in a single hit, use her at all times she is available, most of the chapter is very easy. For the final fight with the combat drones, use the atacs on the drones and focus on any soliders that get close, use the minigun to get rid of them quickly, you can also use EMPs on the drones and deal good damage with the minigame to speed it up, just watch out for soldiers, if you start taking too many hits back off, heal if you absolutely must as there are a few packs around the area. For the final running section, just run to the end and don't stop, moving and weaving around enemies, if you take a couple of hits just heal, you don't wanna risk dying right at the end, it hepls to practice the fight with the drones a couple of times to get comfortable with it. For the final chapter 7 fight, place a few laser trip mines below and on the stairs just in case and use the electric volt gun to snipe enemies, focus on the blue shield guys the most and any that get close, when the game tells you to get in the turret DO NOT yet, instead wait a few seconds for the ship to drop more soldiers and wipe out as many of them as you can, especially the blue shield guys before the drones get close, this way when you get on the turret you don't need to kill as many enemies to make the drop ship go away (again focus on the blue guys), I managed it on my first try with this method after failing once prior after getting on the turrent straight away. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOADING THIS CHECKPOINT UP ON HARD MODE FIRST TO TRY GET PAST IT ONCE OR TWICE WITH THIS METHOD! Chapter 9 is the longest and wildly accepted hardest chapter on Elite, though I personally breezed through after practicing Tyran and the final fight a handful of times. For the Tyran fight just keep moving around so his drones don't box you in, as long as you make use of cover and the environment you should never get cornered and it is actually quite easy as he can lose sight of you. There's a very good strat for the final fight in chapter 9, kill everything with the electric gun before going in except 3 or 4 enmies, rush down the left and kill the 2 riot shield enemies that will run out from the back-middle ish, then wait for the reinforcements at the door down here, shoot them with the same gun as soon as they spawn to wipe them out, the rest of them are easily taken care of after that, I practiced this and got it down several times in a row first, it felt so easy and is the best strat imo. Besides the spots in chapters 7 and 9 it was quite easy, I died 3 times in chapter 7, once on the free fall section near the start, once when guarding the container as I got too close to a swarm of bots and once on the turret, I also got wiped out by a train on chapter 4, don't do that lol. The rest of the chapters I beat my first, it's intimindating and definitely nerve wracking at times, but very doable, it's certainly no Mein Leben.
  2. bloody typical Leeds, beat east chicken and then lose to oldfortress.
  3. This is a bit more specific and direct than the bethesda thing, but I agree with the sentiment, you never 100% know with Phil, he's a PR machine.
  4. I'd potentially jump on the PC bandwagon if sony had the PS store on there or a Playstation launcher, with trophies and so on.
  5. MS want an all digital, all streaming, console-less future, where they control everything and consumers own nothing through gamepass. They can't beat Sony and Nintendo on games, so rather than using 70 billion to create or nurture studios or new IPs, they just buy everything up to keep it off the competition, unfortunately this is clearly the MS way, and I doubt it stops here, I fear for the future of the industry and Sony's place in it after yesterday's news. And seeing so many on social media act like they are the saviour of Activision is just nauseating, the PR disaster was just convenient timing, this was never about 'saving employees' at all. The day gaming becomes console-less, no ownership, pulling up an app on a TV, computer or a phone and having to pay endless sub fees for crappy streaming is the day I'll have to think about whether I want to be a part of modern gaming, which is clearly where MS are trying to brute force the industry, and obviously can if they really feel like it.
  6. A joke isn't it? Sony is anti-consumer because of the overblown crossplay fiasco yet MS is perfectly pro consumer by dropping 70 billion to exclude millions of playstation players from games that have been multiplatform for decades and were coming to Xbox anyway? They can;t beat the competition so they just do what MS has always done and throw money around. Really don't like how MS are going all out Disney on the gaming industry and trying to force everyone to subscribe to play, fuck em.
  7. Most satifying result of the season, skeleton squad with several teenagers ont bench, really happy with that. Also have to giggle a bit at Arsenal for the postponement
  8. He must feel like the biggest idiot on the planet right now. Dubious 'exemption' Broke covid isolation rules in Serbia recently False info on his declaration form Known for saying somewhat antiivax stuff at the start of covid Adria tour at the height of the first wave, getting himself and many others infected Thinks you can purify water with emotions What a crackpot, of course this has stirred a load of antivaxxers treating him like their 'champion' too, he could have avoided all of it, and his family acting like massive victims. He missed the chance to be the 2nd male player to win 10 slams at a single event, to get #21, all because of a vaccine, sure it's his choice, but it gives nobody a divine right to go and do whatever they please in our current environment regardless of each countries rules. Looks like he'll have trouble playing US events with the current restrictions too, this is definitely gonna have a ripple effect on other countries events I think.
  9. Can't be any worse than when a couple of my mates came round and saw me boosting Red Faction with 3 screens, 2 PS3s, 3 PS4s, a PS5 and a laptop via PSnow for a single multiplayer trophy lmao.
  10. Breakthrough gaming list when.
  11. It's more the principal that's annoyed me, why does he get to play around in a tennis tournament unvaccinated, with this dubious covid infection excemption while being vocally antivax, where he socialised with no mask and without isolating for the next 2 days, while citizens have had to endure harsh restrictions for almost 2 years? It sets a shocking precedent, I know the court was all about the strictly legal and not moral side, but he is gonna get absolutely reamed by the crowd and at press conferences. Apparently the minister can revoke his visa anyway and just deport him and is considering it, but I can't imagine him doing that now tbh, The victim mentality of his family is also infuriating lol.
  12. Yeah this has been a big fuck up. So he's been allowed in to the country unvaccinated still, after supposedly getting covid on the 16th of December, where he was then pictured at an awards ceremony the follow day, was also out in public thr day after? Yikes.
  13. #620 - Killzone Shadowfall (100%) Hero Really happy with this one, the MP is pretty easy with bots and with a certain setup the co-op is very easy with 2 consoles and playing solo, Elite mode is nervy and a bit of a pain in a few spots, so I'm pleased with getting that done as well.
  14. +1 Killzone Shadow Fall Thanks
  15. Yeah it's all been really dubious that he was even granted an exemption in the first place, after being vocally antivax the last couple of years and the tournament in 2020 he threw which got a bunch of people infected, not sure what he expected the reaction to be. Hopefully he gets booted back home on Monday, novax djocovid.
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