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  1. Yeah Reddit is the way to go for vending, and FB. I just got back into the game after 6 months away. Collecting plans mostly, and giving away most of my other stuff cheap to newbies. I'll buy your armor and parlay it on to other people if you want. (Not much I want for myself, just hunting plans I don't know for something to do.) Can add me at PSN: jester695 if you want.
  2. Thanks for the guide. I needed the help with the last few echo logs. I must have gotten buggy-lucky with the talking fish. Trophy popped for me waaaaaay before I heard 25 unique jokes.
  3. I didn't even think about the Mayhem-anointment connection when I farmed that machine (eridium) earlier today. I'd say I got at least 50% anointed stuff though (no Mayhem). I also got a lot different results than the numbers in her video. Got a lot higher legendary rate than any of the numbers she had, plus a lot more anoinments without Mayhem of course. I didn't get anywhere near equal gun drops on the eridium machine compared to shield/grenade...….massively more shield/grenade.
  4. The co-op drop boost should be running through April, according to their website.
  5. Bosses are dropping extra loot (throughout April) if you are playing co-op with others. But I get pretty good drop rates from bosses anyway playing solo, sometimes 3 at a time like you.
  6. What action skills do you use for your characters? In regards to the specific anointed weapons?
  7. Someone else asked me for a Spiritual Driver and a Redistributor last night too, so I figured they must be tough finds. I know I've seen a RD in a machine, but not the incendiary he was asking for. And I don't recall seeing any Spiritual Drivers in the 500+ machines I've checked. I already got a nice Elementalist with the + weapon damage to use for my Phasegrasping Amara. And I found a +4 Yawp Friend-Bot for Flak, so I'm pretty happy. Still keeping an eye out for the never-gonna-find +5 Yawp possibility (or a +4 with decent rolls on the bonus perks, I guess).
  8. Any particular mods/items anyone is looking for (from the vending machine mini event)?
  9. Any particular mods or items you're looking for?
  10. Anyone have a Fl4k class mod with the +4 Barbaric Yawp stat, or an Electric Banjo for trade?
  11. Not all enemies have floating hearts, but I ran through low-level areas and got it done in about 2 hours. It's worth doing it on harder difficulties for loot drops though. The golden hearts drop loot, and some hearts spawn a trio of ghost skulls from the Halloween event (always at least one of the three is a loot skull, sometimes two....for me anyhow.) I did just the first enemy-populated area on Athenas, normal mode + mayhem 4, and got 6 legendary drops in just that one area.
  12. Big thanks to Geeeman for hooking me up with some great stuff, just wish I had some of the specific things he was looking for. Now I have most of the guns I want to use, aside from a Bekah. Still after a relic that isn't about melee stats, a decent shield (more about capacity than amp or melee stuff again), and my main want is a max level Friend-Bot mod for Fl4k with the +4 Barbaric Yawp perk. I still have a lot of under-max-level stuff if anyone needs anything for their next character playthrough.
  13. Just did Killavolt on TVHM, so got a Transformer. I don't think it's the perks you want though. What was your PSN? Mine is jester695.
  14. Lemme check, I don't think level 50. I don't think I have any legendary shields at lvl 50. PSN: jester695
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