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  1. I know why this game tanked in some reviews, unfortunately me and my partner have caught covid and we've been looking for co-op games to play to keep us occupied. Saw this on PS+ so signed up for one month because I don't really use my PS4 much. But this game is a little like Racing Transformed but I prefer that so much more. This games framerate in split screen is just awful, 2nd player even if they're using there own ps profile doesn't unlock trophies something Xbox has been doing got quite a lot of games since 360 days. Parts for cars don't unlock for the 2nd player she would use tails I have a lot of Ledg parts and attached them and yet his car looks like default and drives like default. Team A.I is dump as Sh.i.t and computer AI is crafty as even in higher modes. I don't mind this game but the framerate really gets to me and parts not letting a 2nd co-op player use is a joke
  2. I was surprised and I like the new look I come here on my mobile a lot to read the news, and I was like wow it loads faster as well love the format
  3. Thanks guys worked like a charm as I was here to see a post was about this glitch and I don't remember it being in the original PS1 version. But this works anyway
  4. Friend of mine back in around 1999 had the original Black disc version of SOTN on PS1 he traded it in for a PS2 game a few years later. Biggest mistake ever because that game has sold for like a few £'s on eBay and his was in perfect condition even had the hidden music tracks on it if you placed it in a standard cd player
  5. Any comments I've been posting trophies seem to be getting cut off, if you go to the Anthem trophy list I've been posting tips on some trophies like No Stone Unturned the comments seem to be cutting words out or don't fit properly
  6. I've read it has broken trophies is that true ???
  7. I played the demo today as I found it in the Mega March sale think it was £33 playing the demo it's basically Wonder boy 3 and the dragon trap but different transformations. The music is the same in areas so are the enemies but it comes with some cool boss fights as the demo gives you one.. If you've ever played WB3 TDT then you'll love this I'll be getting it but not right now too many back log games, if the OP still reads this how long was the game
  8. The original on PC worked fine before THQ Nordic bought it and they have just cashed in on the game as quick as possible, in face the original was patched via fan patches because the company went bust that originally did it. And then have the cheek to release expansions and charge stupid prices for them and it doesn't fix anything adds new content and they don't fix any bugs that might bring THQ Nordic have done with what they have done with other games bought the IP and cashed in asap
  9. So I've just got this new for like £10 not that bothered about that just in need of a casual scfi shooter as I've got bored of Destiny 2. Plus I'm thinking if the update or overhaul they promised actually does something for it I figured at £10 I'll be a very happy man. So just starting the game and again I know it's been labelled boring and dull etc but what does the update need to do for the game like ideas to make it better.
  10. Just bought this for £10 just because I'm in need of a causal shooter from every now and then, but if the so called update does something for it I got it cheap but if not again i got it cheap and £10 isn't that much to lose
  11. I just got the game for £10 because if the update seriously changes the game then the price would shoot up, and I'm just after a game to go round and shoot stuff I've got bored of Destiny 2 I really hope it changes for the better but with EA in charge I can't see it because I feel they have forgotten about it.
  12. Winning the podium car from the casino in this case the F1 car, and trying to find out the game of one car I know I don't want but it then kicking you off the menu and you lose the car you've won. Your onna fucking timer to select a car spot for a winning car and you lose it if you don't, I put good money into my car's and just don't want to get rid of any
  13. That level trophies for your online character are glitched to fuck and after all these years they still haven't fixed it, level 50 won't pop at all and ive just turned level 51. I read you may have to be in free mode but you can't earn hardly any XP in freen mode and you'd have to plan it right to get close enough to levelling up find something in free mode to do it. As much as I enjoy online they need to fix there shit, also agree with the constant phone calls, and the fact you can't do anything with your business's unless your in a public server.
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  15. Looking to boost all standard online trophies that will gain go towards platinum, any of the dlc trophies I'll do as well Nakatomi UK GMT+1 This game is dead online I couldn't get in to any online mode game at all
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