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  1. Are you still gaming away? Checking on you.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  3. Hey Happy Birthday...I hope that you have a fantastic day and are doing well.

  4. Checking in. Are you still gaming actively?

  5. All can be done in private lobbys given you have said amount of players on friends list. You can use the boosting thread to add more people if you need more players
  6. Havent posted in forever but was thinking of getting this again on ps4 but since the ps3 version glitched me im not 100% sure i want to invest the money again. Guess what im asking is if its safe enough from glitches to buy?
  7. Just curious i havent seen anything about a patch for the uber glitch, can someone confirm if it does still work? Thanks in advance.
  8. Random question about ps3 version, im sure its been asked but can you prestige in zombies on the ps3?
  9. Anywhere? Awesome!! Thanks for the quick reply Gage. Oh and great job on the walkthrough too, very well put together.
  10. Is this the officer we need to use the camera on? Because the guide says he should be standing in the shadows to the right of the kiosk but theres nothing there...
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