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  1. Voted a 5 - the updates mess up the trophy guides. You also need to make most DLC characters ecstatic, including Daria. Took me three playthroughs to figure that one out 😞
  2. Gave this game a 5 - Iron Will is infuriating at times, even when you backup your save after every hole. Other than that, a nice game with a surprising amount of storytelling (for a golf game).
  3. Gave the game a 4 - while most trophies shouldn't be difficult in theory, some of the are glitched, might not pop at all or at some random moment when you least expected. Requirements for the unification trophies are obscure and difficult to understand, might be time-sensitive and the simple mechanics of the game might screw you over in the proces. Reloading saves adds to the glitchiness of trophies. Fun little game otherwise, but frustrating towards the end.
  4. Voting Guidelines Do not vote unless you have played the game. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards the platinum. Do not vote based on "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting game to achieving the platinum. Vote with honesty and integrity.
  5. Voted a 4. The map is useless because if obfuscates the verticality of the map and makes everything super confusing to find. Lost count how many times I got lost on these shitty levels - the game itself is worth playing since there's literally nothing else like it out there for the Vita, but it also shows how lacklustre Vita support was even at the beginning.
  6. Voted a 3/10 because the combat is as crappy as Skyrim, it's not as buggy as Skyrim was back in the day, but still buggy to the point where it can break your game. Even if you use a guide to clean up some trophies you mist the first time around, the chance of screwing up the minimalist run is high and adds to the difficulty. Still a very enjoyable experience, puzzles aren't too difficult and the background information on Roman culture quite impressive. Definitely worth playing!
  7. Voted a 4/10 because of the police and glitches screwing you out of your hard earned rep from time to time, plus the preference of trucks to just stop in the middle of a crossing when you're approaching, which makes some of the speed traps really annoying and difficult to complete. Drifting is too arcady, but not too much of a hassle compared to the other issues.
  8. Gave it a 3, maybe if you're used to PS2 games you might excuse some of the dumb stuff in here, but falling off the edge and having to restart isn't a common game mechanic anymore, thankfully.
  9. Voted a 5 - BG2 is rather easier than BG1 because of the more powerful creatures that you can summon and the stats upgrades you get in your first playthrough right at the end of the game. With that combination you have 5-6 characters who are immune to normal and +1 weapons, and a Deva/Planetar mows down everything else that might be dangerous. Still needs a fair deal of reloading and making sure you don't screw up, but it's totally doable with this approach.
  10. Voted a 3 just based on how bad the game is and how stuff breaks at a whim or dying means that all texts you've read so far have been reset (in the catacombs this means you have to restart the level). Could've used twice the development time...
  11. Also gave it a 4, doing it in one go on hard isn't too difficult, but sometimes the script bugs out on escort missions (which they chose not to fix), making it a hassle to complete it properly. Some timed sequences are also quite annoying on hard.
  12. Also gave it a 3, hard difficulty isn't too difficult with enough planning, you can still save any time you want and the security systems usually help you out massively if coordinated correctly. Did it all in one run.
  13. Just switch to first-person by pressing circle, makes it a ton easier to do, even though you need to be near perfect in the corners.
  14. Voted a 6, simply because some of the challenges are super vague and the controls clunky enough to make you wonder what you're doing wrong. Some are luck-based, and some competitions super tough to beat. Not exactly your easy plat out there, so I don't understand the 2 and 3 ratings up top.
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