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    5' 9'' 200 lbs...I love video games and Im addicted to trophies
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    Chetek, Wi
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    CST -6.00
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    Video Games, Street Racing, Spending time with the family
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    Computer Engineering

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    Lego Movie Game 2, The Witcher 3, God of War
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    Access Denied - PSVita
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    Deliriant - PS4
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    Witcher 3 Complete
    Lego Movie 2

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  1. If only i could find a text walkthru with choice numbers for each trophy it would be faster like say trophy a do 1,1,2, etc Edit: found This to get plat. May help someone else
  2. Have all trophies except beating arch illiger on apokolypse and summoning golem if anyone can help Psn archangel9978
  3. I cant get club ubisoft to load for this game, works for all others but this just shows black screen
  4. I finally upgraded from my launch ps4 to this one and omg im soo happy
  5. I have been thru the volcano 4 times and have yet to find platinum is there a specific place to look
  6. Ive been playing and earning trophies and rewards and now when i load up game it says im not connected to mk servers but theres no option to sign in..my internet is working fine and other games work fine but mk isnt when i go to klassic tower it says no rewards will be given
  7. Where can i find this item as i need it to get all treasure chests
  8. So im having an issue with Monstro, Atlantica and Halloweentown trophies not popping after sealing their respective keyholes...note other trophies are popping fine ie chests,synth etc. Im also getting an error when trying to sync trophies but they still sync. Ive tried rebuilding database 3 times, leaving n returning to levels several times deleting and reinstalling game...any help or suggestions would be appreciated Edit: 100 acre wood trophy did pop upon sealing keyhole... Edit 2: both Coliseum and Neverland trophies popped upon sealing their respected keyholes
  9. So its the following week from anouncement and 9pm cst and no negan....or julia for that matter... so im kinda wondering where anouncer got their info...anyone know anything on this? Edit....ok so aparently itll drop on thursday not tuesday, how weird is that
  10. Ive encountered a glitch in one of the last levels where a minikit doesnt apear....tried op link to report it but link is dead...any ideas as to what i can do
  11. The response they gave me: ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Hi angelic9978, Thank you for contacting Telltale Games Support. Unfortunately as of September 21st 2018, we can no longer offer support for our games. We apologize for the difficulty this causes you. We have greatly enjoyed our time together. Thank you for playing our games. Best Regards, Telltale Support This email is a service from Telltale Games Player Support. [KZ3M6R-M8P7]
  12. Angelic9978


    How do u do omgs or car omgs i mean i push r1 n triangle but nothing happens
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