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  1. Welp looking to boost almost every multiplayer trophy I can add me Lord_Tony_Z
  2. I also cannot find any players, is there a peak hour to play?
  3. Add me for boosting all online trophies. Not sure how I'm going to get the 10 player trophy when I can't even find one. PSN name is Lord_Tony_Z
  4. I also need to know
  5. Played the game for the first time, didn't meet anyone Should I play when there is a summer sale going on?
  6. Is it even possible to boost? How dead is the game
  7. Add Lord_Tony_Z on PSN there needs to be something done as soon as possible. I only need the 500 kill trophy,
  8. Umm there is a new Duke Nukem 3D game coming out by Gearbox so it seems like Megaton edition will be swept under the rug including online multiplayer, better boost now ASAP.
  9. I'm trying to get the remainder trophies and I figure everyone moved over to Uncharted 4 now. Is some of these trophies even possible? How populated is online?
  10. Are people still playing this? I need a lot of trophies. Unfortunately most of them are treasure drops. I don't know what to do about that. I do need co-op too. Add Lord_Tony_Z
  11. Well is the PS3 multiplayer well populated still? Or did everyone move over to PS4?
  12. Seems kind of stupid they would split the player base.
  13. Alright so the guy I was going to boost with I guess got tired of waiting. So I need a booster. Lord_Tony_Z
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