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  1. Yes, as they changed the Trials of the Nine trophy and the Prestige trophy. But without confirmation from the devs themselves that the requirements will be changed, that means that both Leviathan-related trophies will de facto be unachievable on September 22, and so does the Platinum trophy. As such, calling out the devs on that particular problem is necessary.
  2. You don't even need to backup your save on the cloud. The in-game save system is enough because it offers four slots! Basically: - Get ~500k orbs in your main save file - Do a save on the second slot - Load the second save - Buy everything you need for a trophy (wheels, antennas, helmets, upgrades...) and unlock it - Load the original save, you get your orbs back - Save and replace the second slot - Load the second save - Rinse and repeat until platinum. Also, to minimize the price of upgrades, only go up to level 5 for each part then go to level 6 for a few cars, and the trophy should unlock. It's cheaper than to max some of the cars because the latest upgrades are more expensive.
  3. I did (bought the whole collection), but I didn't install it, only Jak X.
  4. The Sand Shark is available right away in the Secrets menu, don't worry about that EDIT: Disregard that, you have to win the Blue Eco Cup to have the Sand Shark available in the Secrets menu. Thanks to YungDro.
  5. So I realized there's a Game Over which wasn't mentioned on the guide: on the True Hero story, if you bring Zenobia to the mountains instead of bringing her to the Council, she "magically" has the Iblis stone (which is funny because at this point Lapino is supposed to have it), calls you a liar and kills you. Same thing happens if you let her kill the Emperor in the following chapter, she'll kill you first. I wanted to see if you could get a false ending by doing a wrong choice on the True Hero story, but nope. Basically, if you go on the True Hero story, a wrong choice (arresting Lapino / sending Zenobia to get the Iblis stone / bringing Zenobia to the mountains / let her kill the Emperor) will automatically result in a Game Over and a chapter restart - the only way to get all 24 false endings is to never choose the True Hero story when you get all 4 truths.
  6. Chapter 20 (No Escape). Because chapter 21 is very short and features no combat iirc, and chapter 22 only has the final boss fight with doesn't involve guns.
  7. You forgot to quit the game after quitting to menu.
  8. Just tried it, works properly, got my trophy! Do it quickly before Naughty Dog patches it Hmmm, have you tried the same thing as the Speedrun trophy, but instead of restarting at epilogue, restarting at chapter 20 with several gunfights and with auto-aim? The accuracy stat should go up above 70%. Then you do chapter 21, then 22, then Epilogue. Didn't try it yet.
  9. Could you show me some screens of your Trackmaster times then? I'll pass them to Riolu.
  10. These are all the official times coming straight out of the game on PC. Times are the same on PS4. The fact is you can extract replays on PC and they feature the 3rd digit. The game takes it into account, but doesn't show it to you.
  11. Full list of Trackmaster times, courtesy of Riolu.
  12. JeuxActu.com [French] - 17/20
  13. And nearing the new release date, something went a little bit wrong. All information regarding achievements was not communicated through the thread: instead of that, we had to figure them out by ourselves. If a trophy was removed or modified, we had to see it through a third party software to see all the achievements for a game not released yet on Steam. When the tiles were finally added, I didn't understand why they weren't shown when they were designed. And they were definitely incredibly beautiful. Full of references, quite much the list I've dreamed of 3 years prior. It was very, very, very good. I didn't understand why all information regarding achievements was suddenly hidden... Except fixes and bugs. Months passed, and then, something happened in January 2015. Some "cool feeling" have been lost in the process. The first list was about to include very cool titles and cultural references. It could have been an instant classic only through the names and tiles. And then, without any explanation, a lot of the achievement names and tiles were changed to be more generic, a lot of references were purely and simply deleted. Nothing was told on the dropping of references, but my personal guess was probably copyright issues. That's clearly a missed opportunity, though. Then, now. To be honest, I learned the final list and trophy repartition right here on PS3T/X360A, when SMS released the list publicly. Yep. Even when you're involved to some extent to the development of the game, there are things that you can't just know even when you're asking for it several times. I asked for it quite a few times to check the modifications to see if they would need any tweaking in the values (on Steam there aren't any values to the achievements). However the final list had a good balance, and I'm fine with it. THE FINAL LIST One More For The Road Earned all other Achievements Zero To Hero Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons Defending Champ Defended a Career Championship for three consecutive years Triple Crown Won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines Hall Of Fame Completed three Historic Goals and became a racing legend! Fully Loaded Signed 8 Endorsement deals VIP Received 12 Invitations Meticulous Completed every Practice, Qualifying, and Race session in every round in a Career Championship Conquered. All. Races. Seriously. Won every race in a Career Championship Double Rainbow Won the same Career Championship two years consecutively No "I" In Team Won a Team Championship two years consecutively Twerkin' Won your first Accolade Taylor Would Be Proud Won 22 Accolades Mailbox Full Received more than 500 messages from your fans Pit Boss Created and saved a Pit Strategy Requesting Flyby Entered and exited the pit lane without losing a position (cannot be in last place) Consistency Is King Performed 3 consecutive laps within 0.1 sec of each other My Little Friend Overtook a car using KERS Grand Chelem Got pole position in qualifying, fastest lap in the race and won whilst leading every lap A Day In The Life Completed a 24 hour race using only realtime progression (and why not stream it?!) Emergency Stop Braked to a standstill from 100-0 km/h within 2 secs Reversa Corsa Completed a Quick Race Weekend lap of Azure Circuit in reverse from cockpit view without collisions Gladiator Won a Quick Race Weekend with Full Damage, Mechanical Failures, and Tire Wear (must be 5+ laps) Sunday Driver Driven the speed limit (50 km/h) in an Italian car and appreciated the Azure coastal scenery Eastbound & Down Ran the California Highway in under 9 mins in a US car Player 1 Versus The World Entered and completed more than 25 Online races Pentapodia Finished on the podium more than 50 times in an Online Public race I Am The 5% Won an Online Public race using Pro handling, manual gears, and no driving aids, from cockpit view Clean As A Whistle Won three Online Public races in a row without being involved in a major collision Pristine Paintwork Completed more than 3 Online races with 50% of them avoiding a major collision Speed Racer Set a Pole Position time in an Online Public qualifying session Petrolicious Love Won more than 50 events with your Signature Car To Affinity & Beyond Have an Affinity greater than 50% in all car classes Home Field Advantage Won more than 20 events on your Favorite Location Selfie Took a photo of your Signature Car on your Favorite Location Exorcist Beat a Ghost from the Time Trial Leaderboards Lap Time Wizard Set a record at 50 locations (variations and reverse layouts not necessary) Community Ambassador Participated in 20 Driver Network Community Events Half Racer, Half Demon SECRET Ready To Pounce SECRET Keep Calm And Race On SECRET No Roads Needed SECRET Do You Smell Somethin'? SECRET On Your Left SECRET Credit Where Credit's Due SECRET 34 , 6 , 4 , 1 . I'm quite disappointed that all the process of designing and tailoring achievements went downhill through the end of development. But I'll give them my full pardon since they've already done so much to create an original list and they are quite in crunch time in these times to give the final polish to the game. I just regret that in the final months, there wasn't any information shared regarding trophies while it was the most critical moment to share them and gather feedback on them. Anyway I'm really glad to have been part of this wonderful experience. Even though I can't agree with some of the choices made during these three years, I did my best to help shaping the list into something that could be interesting for all trophy hunters. And it translated into some of my ideas being fully implemented into a AAA-game. This was a unique opportunity, and I can't thank SMS for what they've all done in that aspect. Of course, there will be always some disappointment regarding what happened towards the end. But I'll really hope that you, future buyers and trophy hunters of Project CARS, you'll really enjoy earning these trophies. Like me in a few months. ^^
  14. Hi everyone. Some people might know, Project CARS was a game that was created with a lot of racing fans and drivers in order to create the best racing experience in gaming. From the driving experience to the overall structure of the game, the community gave its advice and its feedback during three years to shape the game to be an incredible experience. And the trophy and achievement list was no exception. So I wanted to share with you my experience regarding everything that happened since my involvement with the project. I know that what I'm about to do is probably near the line of the NDA, especially that the game is not out yet, so I'll not reveal any part of development document. When I saw this project back in 2011, I wanted to be part of it because I really like racing games and it was an opportunity for me to be a part of the development of a game. At the time, I still was a trophy hunter (not so much anymore) and I wanted one thing: that the game, called C.A.R.S. at the time (for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) had the best trophy list possible for a racing game. So I started a thread. On October 15, 2011, to be precise. Which is 42 months before the release of the game. (No H2G2 reference here, it's purely coincidental) In the first post, I pointed out three things: - Why trophies are important in a game - Some do's and don'ts for the list - 5 trophy examples I said that the trophies were important in a game because they are part of the game design and they incitate to play the game in a variety of ways, and of course, they are a selling factor among our community. In the do's and don'ts, I came up with the VIBES and MEGA: the VIBES being the things to follow, and the MEGA, the things to avoid. The list should be: Varied Imaginative Balanced Entertaining Skill-based And the list must not be: Multiplayer-reliant Extensively grinding Generic Annoying I've also made a special part for us, trophy hunters on PlayStation platforms. I really wanted the game to have a real name, and a classy tile, for the Platinum Trophy. Shift 1 and 2 had the generic "Platinum Trophy" name for it. So I really wanted this to not be the case with Project CARS. Since the very first day, I wanted the list to have a balanced difficulty, with a lot of variety and little to none online achievements. I'll come back to this part later. But my position was clear: I didn't want hard online achievements that had the potential to be boostable. I took the example of the I Am Iron Man trophy from Shift 2, which was developed by the same devs. This trophy involved to win 5 consecutive matches online (and at the time, it was possible to do it in private matches anyway). I knew, three years and a half before the game's release, that including online trophies would cause a backlash from the hunters' community. And when I'm seeing the comments after the reveal, I couldn't be more right. The majority of criticism goes toward, you guessed it, online trophies. Anyway, at the beginning of the thread, there was two types of people: the ones who wanted a good achievement list that promoted clean driving (being a simulation, they didn't want people online to wreck everyone), and the ones who said "we don't want achievements in the game". Of course, I had to explain to them that they were mandatory to include, and that they're only optional to earn. All we had to do, is to ensure that they wouldn't plague the experience, especially online. Which was another reason to not include online trophies. But anyway, at the time, we were wayyyyyyy too far from release to have a precise idea of the final list and the objectives. The career mode was yet to be designed, most tracks had no scenery, there was a lot to do. So all we could do, until the game would reach a sufficient level of completing, was brainstorming and proposing ideas. And there were really great and creative ideas throughout the process. Flashforward to May 2012 (35 months before release). Andy Tudor (the creative director of the game) posts a first version of the list, while he worked on the overall game design of the game. And the first list was pretty promising, even though it was far from being final. However, it kinda lacked of originality. So I jumped in the wagon to give my feedback on it. At the time, quite a bunch of trophies (around a dozen) were already present 3 years before release, in some form or another. This was also the first mention of the Platinum Trophy name. At first, they wanted to call it "Platinum Trophy". I then gave it a name, "One More For The Road!". Devs liked it, and it stayed until the very end, minus the exclamation mark. But anyway, we were still too far from release and the Achievements thread was kinda put into sleeping mode until the moment where it would be awakened for a time closer to release. Meanwhile, we posted some other ideas, for names or objectives, and followed the PS3T/X360A involvement with Codemasters towards the GRID 2 Achievement list. Flashforward to April 2014 - 12 months before release. As the game's releasing was coming quite quickly (remember at the time, the game was planned for November 2014), Andy Tudor came up with an updated Achievement list to be up to date with the overall gameplay of the game. And this one was even more promising than the first list posted in 2012. It included lots of original goals, a few references, quite a bunch of ideas from the thread, and it really started to be something good. I can't share it here (because that's still a dev document) but the only thing I can say is the list was 80% finalized. Some people gave their feedback and ideas for the names, and of course, I made quite a long post with my feedback, ideas, and my stance on online trophies. Which has changed a little bit since the beginning. Here's what I said about it. So after all this feedback, I've posted a list which was 100% composed of offline trophies - the online trophies being either dropped or converted to fit in single player. I've done an even longer post to defend the fact that the game should not have online trophies, by putting in successful examples and some glaring issues with online trophies. Nonetheless, the devs kept online trophies into the game. And they included one idea of mine - and I had no idea of the monster that I created. I was the one behind the 24 hour race trophy. Well, not exactly. When I had this idea, this was the thing I wanted to avoid at all costs. I wanted the race to last 24 in-game hours, by using time acceleration (so it could only last like 24 minutes). Then they decided to change it and basically say "well why not going up to 11 and make it a full 24 real hours?". I knew there would be backlash over it. So I said that they shouldn't do this. They stood on their point. And even though a 24 hour race is technically a gaming achievement, it would be boring after 3 hours. But after time, I thought that it wasn't that much of a bad idea, and that it would be original for people to relay themselves in order to achieve something. Then going a few months forward, July 2014. The list is now 95% final, and ready to be implemented in the game through programming. This is where the first testing steps took place, debugging and stuff. Of course, all testing had to be done through the PC version, console versions being handled in-house. But overall the game needed clearly more polish and definitely, it could not be ready for a November release: the delay then acted, to be released in March 2015.
  15. The list is fake. Reason: the list exceeds the maximum amount of trophy points. There's a maximum of 1230 trophy points that you can put in a game: I counted 1560 trophy points in the list.
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