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  1. how bad is the random card situation now that the game is patched and has been out for a while?
  2. your settings do not allow me to DM you. Please hit me up, PSN: Vilens.
  3. Still looking to work on this. EST. Around in the day on weekdays usually.
  4. Edited comment: no more help needed, used the PS4+Vita trick.
  5. Hey Everyone, I desperately have tried to play and understand this game but i am failing. there are guides available are for A-train 9, which this game if a port of BUT All of the UI and menu options are different. So some concepts still apply but following the guides because a useless effort. How do you guys play/teach yourself this game?
  6. Reached out to the developer and localization team. This has been fixed and trophies are syncable.
  7. My wife and I played Job Simulator and with a little effort and some teamwork were able to get the platinum trophy after a few hours. This is not the case for Vacation Simulator. This game improves on Job in every way but it is much larger. There are collectibles in each level. Multiple 1-off trophies. Collectibles that need to be brought from certain levels back to other levels to get the “memory” collectibles. (I have also not been able to confirm an in-game way to see what memories you’ve gotten, and which remain, there might be one, I just haven’t seen it) As well as some challenging puzzles. This isn’t a difficult platinum but rather one that requires time, backtracking, and a Non-VR navigator guiding you through it. And oh yeah, any guides out there are in video form. This YouTube channel has the best I’ve seen so far. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWODz68oNgohqpqoFhN-tZg Happy hunting VR brethren. Time to platinum: At least 10 hours* Estimates difficulty: 2/10* *In my opinion, all of this is greatly affected one way or another if you have someone outside of the VR headset walking you through it and helping you track it all.
  8. I see this game doesn’t have a lot of traction on here, but I wanted to say thank you for your guide.
  9. Looking for boosting help. Late evening, US East coast. PSN: Vilens
  10. Congratulations guys. Looking forward to giving this a shot.
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