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  1. Storyteller Glitching on my ps4, got all trophies only this not unlocking any issue , i did with new save also , change data on ps4 not unlocking
  2. cant Enable Run-In Payback? always it has NO sign, even when selecting the superstar and if i move from it it wont show .
  3. happened to me on Vita , just restarted the game , load the save and it pop with the plat .
  4. already done long time ago needed the offline ones which is glitched , i can help as i tested online seems to be active if any body need help
  5. Just need the"" hitting it of "" all other is done
  6. me 2 , if you have any can help in this it is a lengthy trophy
  7. i played 1 h and it is 15/10 never played such a game. * playing on QLED with HDR2
  8. I need help I started playing the game normally and almost reached 70% and i used to sync my trophies normally today I was checking them on the website and only this game trophies didn't sync , the only one synced was the first trophies.. I tried every think even got other trophies from another game and these synced but still Dragon age didn't... I copied my last save to usb and loaded it on my other ps4 and it loaded and i got 1 trophies to test and it synced fine ... any help.... I did a lot of reading and all suggest to delete profile and recreat. But doing so will delete my unsynced trophies for this game and i have to start over again.. Keep in mind that no error on ps4 and all icon and time stamp are correct. And am using ps4 pro on latest update .... Please help I don't won't to lose all previous trophies and i dont want to use my latest save as it will unlock trophies only after that... which I already now have One out of order trophie due to the test.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- will any body know if i can transfer profile from one PS4 to another i think i heard something like this when PS4 pro came out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit 2: For the record if any one later faced same issue i deleted my profile and lost all old un synced trophies. and re created it on same PS4 Pro and played the game from beginning for 2 hours and all trophies which i re unlocked are syncing fine now , so i think it is my profile on this PS4 issue... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit 3: i think this is my bad luck gaming day.... i should have been more patient i think just now was reading https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/28/16942468/playstation-network-down-outage-psn-offline-sony i think PSN network having issues that could be the reason these trophies didnt sync , but i have already re created the profile and lost them any way Admin you can close this. and lesson learned to me and any trophy hunter give it more time :)
  9. Popping this up i need to know also, and can we use any other cheats without disabling trophies on PS4
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