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  1. Hello, is anyone of you who would be so kind as to pass me to take all possible objects of collectible trophies? Obviously I return once we have all the trophies. My ID is Balkhan, EU version SL 000! (lol) Let me know if you can and if you can help me! Thanks in advance, possibly answer me via PM! Byeee
  2. PSN: Balkhan Time Zone: GMT i need level 61's trophy and beat Crawmerax on game1 to get "Vincible" and my final mission on General Moxx!!I'll be on from a few minutes
  3. Congrats on the 100%, glad I could help! I know some of those gold medals are hard, so way to go!! :)

  4. I made it: 100%! Thank you you have been very useful! The guide is really perfect and accurate, I congratulate you! Thanks again bro! = D

  5. Hi guys anyone have this game? I got a problem: I can't find all the monkeys because some of them are hidden. You are able to find them all? Can you tell me where to find and / or post a video? Thank you in advance = D
  6. Do you know where is the hidden monkeys??? COuld you give to me a list with their location please??
  7. Could I been added in yours boost please??? I'm Italian player...my ID is Balkhan, please add me in yours friends list
  8. I would to boost with you please!! Could you add me?: Balkhan, is my ID!!! Thanks I need: triples thread, stealth, free climbers and bbq!!!
  9. Add me...i have to finish the coop so you can get professor portal with me, but who can help me with professor portal?! ???
  10. PSN: Balkhan SteamID: none Progress: Not started co op mode yet Needs to be Hugged: Yes Other Trophies Needed: All Co Op trophies Play time: Thursday/Friday 20:00+....(GMT)
  11. Hi have you this DLC? Add me so we can catch this trophies!!! My ID is Balkhan!!!
  12. I need this trophies... join me for playing! Balkhan
  13. I'm waiting for boosting!!! If anyone needs online trophies add me!!! Tommorrow i will play at 2 PM (EST) / 7PM (GMT)!! I need Champ and defend mine positione 5 times...! Mick I hope i'll see you tomorrow!!! The plat is next us!! *.* Bye Bye friends! Good night
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