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  1. Co-op Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the Co-Op boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ I really like the premise of the game a lot. I'd like to do the trial with someone in order to help me decide if I should buy it myself. Feel free to add me on PSN: Fatal_Fool
  2. So were you one of the lucky few to snag a PS5 pre-order?

    1. Darth_Krid


      I never went for one mate. Wasn't sure which part of the world I'd be in and I also have so many PS4 games to play that I have no real rush for one. Hope you're well, good to see you back around!

    2. F8L Fool

      F8L Fool

      I didn't go for one for the same exact reason. I also didn't get notified about the pre-orders going live that I signed up for, so I would've been screwed either way lol. Unfortunately after watching tons of new footage about the upgraded UI and the controller, I really want one bad.


      Since it's backwards compatible I'd just sell the PS4 I have which would cut down the initial investment cost. So I'm trying to snag one but I think I'm out of luck for the foreseeable future. Which is probably for the best, considering the only launch title I want to play is Godfall and it is also on the PC.

    3. Darth_Krid


      Yeah I really don't see myself getting one until next year when the big exclusives start dropping (mainly God of War 2). Until then I'll be trying to finish my PS4 backlog, of which I count about 23 games.

  3. The new website layout was definitely pretty jarring. I'm glad to read that there will be a lot more features going forward. What I'm most curious about is how the PS5's integrated tips will impact trophy guides in general. I can imagine extremely lengthy and multi-step trophies won't be as abundant. But for smaller and more straightforward ones I could really see them overtake a lot of the 3rd party guides. I'm excited to see how things evolve going forward. Both for this site and trophies in general.
  4. The fact I still can't secure a pre-order is excruciating :(.
  5. Hi mate! Nice to hear from you, how've you been?


    This place is kinda dead now, don't really hear from old faces as much anymore and tend to lose touch. What have you been up to?

  6. Hope 2020 is treating you well so far.

  7. Are you referring to my guide as a copy/paste or someone else's? Because of the three videos in the guide, two are Powerpyx's and one is my own. The video for White Rider does not even follow the text walkthrough. It is simply a good visual alternative that I shared.
  8. Glad people are still enjoying the game and finding the guide helpful. Grats to both of you:applause:
  9. Took me 45 hours and I did roughly half of the side missions on Mayhem, meaning a huge amount of extra time was spent. Both in regards to backtracking to the actual areas for the missions as well as higher difficulty. If someone were thorough with side missions and locations on their first playthrough a 25-35 hour plat is totally reasonable. Someone with a good guide and decent skill could absolutely scratch push for a sub 20 hour plat. I still voted 36-50 because that's where I fell in line. However, with guide(s) in hand 30 hour average seems like a good bar to shoot for.
  10. The way I did it was go ultra completionist mode until I hit about 20 or so. I left behind no collectible or side mission. Then I focused 100% on the story and only did things that were nearby that. I completed the game at about level 42 and had roughly half of the side missions left. I went from 48 to 50 doing the first Circle of Slaughter and had around ~12 non Eridian Proving Ground/Circle quests left. It's important to distinguish those, because each Proving Ground is actually two side quests; one for just finding it and one for completing it, or 12 total. Basically I hit 50 long before I was finished with side missions. What I wanted to do was experience the content at a reasonably challenging level, without a second playthrough. I was out leveling every side mission because the Crew Challenges give enormous amounts of EXP. If you're going purely for a speed platinum just do all of the side missions as you uncover them on your first run, and ignore challenges that don't count towards the trophies. Doing it my way meant a crap ton of backtracking to places I had already been. I needed to do this for Eridian Writings and a few hunts/Zero targets anyway, but in general it meant more time invested. It was a 45 hour plat for me even doing a lot of unnecessary/grindy stuff. A 25-35 hour plat is totally reasonable for someone trying to power through it.
  11. Thanks for this. I've cleaned up all but one planet but I'm sure a ton of people will find this useful. Since it's a completionist map I'd also add the Named Locations to the list. It's a category under zone progress and although it doesn't actually do anything in game, there are trophies related to locations. GL with the rest of the maps.
  12. Yes I am, on both counts :).

  13. Sounds like you're really enjoying the new Borderlands. I definitely am too. Hope you're doing well.

  14. Just finished. I think the Calypsos were pretty solid villains and were a great take on the Streamer/Influencer craze. Their origin twist was solid and Typhon is one of the best characters in BL3. The number of Sirens in this game and their flowcharty involvement was unfortunate. Essentially one shows up and gets screwed by the twins. Rinse, repeat. Lilith's end was the only time she felt like a meaningful character to me. The whole Ava thing was also beyond foreshadowed. All around BL3 feels a lot less focused in regards to story telling. It's so sprawling with a crap ton of characters involved. The writing is still top notch and the comedy is on point, but the sheer quantity of plot lines kind of diluted things a bit for me. While I think BL3 is the best all around game in the franchise thus far, BL2 was just a better main story IMO. It's hard to top Handsome Jack after all.
  15. I'm always playing the Crit driven classes. Mordecai -> Zero - Fl4ck. I like Fl4ck a lot so far but my biggest complaint is needing to hold down for so long, just to get his pet to attack. I'd prefer if the pet attack was a single press and his Action Skill was the hold. It would feel much smoother and less clunky to use.
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