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  1. I'd probably wait a year or 2 when a game I become very interested in comes out and go from there. I do that with every console. D:
  2. Beat Joe Must Die difficulty on the End of Zoe story in Resident Evil 7. D: It's something I guess.
  3. The Dark Souls series & Bloodborne OSTs mainly. Though I do like listening to the Ninja Gaiden & Devil May Cry OSTs also.
  4. Have not used this forum in a long time (and do know that the last post was like a month & and 1/2 also), but: GPU: GeForce GTX1070 CPU: Intel® Core i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz Memory: 32.00 GB RAM Operating System: Windows 10 Home Headset: Turtle Beach EarForce P11 (old as heck mic, lel) Web Cam: Logitech c920 :V
  5. Give the difficulty rating a 4. The hardest part of the game is the beginning of the game (as in getting use to the bosses). There's some easy guides on how to beat certain bosses as it is to make the game a lot easier. It's also fairly short to plat (platt'd the game within a day).
  6. Hah, last 2 messages on my page is you saying Happy Birthday. :V Appreciated though.

  7. At 43 currently. Finishing Resident Evil 6's final DLC trophy; then just need to finish Yakuza 5. Since I haven't bothered with playing the PS3 or 4 as of late; I've not too much to try and get. D:
  8. PS3 is a MGS4 dynamic theme. PS4 is a Bloodborne theme (forget which one now... too lazy to check).
  9. Still play games; but more trophies have some what died (still gonna finish RE6 to 100% and get Yakuza 5 out of the way). It's League of Legends that has taken over my gaming life now and playing the odd game for fun.
  10. I only have a standard. Might get a Pro some time; but probably once I actually play the PS4 again (still playing PS3 games at the moment). D:
  11. Will always be the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 platinum trophy for me. Was still fun playing UN01 in particular even after getting the platinum. :V
  12. Ah hah! Thanks for letting me know of that. :V And yes I happened to have seen them live just once (supporting Lamb of God). Was great indeed.
  13. Mainly just Fleshgod Apocalypse & Tesseract at the moment that I've been listening to. Edit: Hmm... Been forever since using this forum. Unless something changed with linking vids; I dunno why they're not embedding. D: Oh well.
  14. A photo from a year ago when I was at PAX West (a photo with MarkMan who's part of the Tekken scene). I usually don't bother taking photos with myself in it these days (and yes I'm looking forward to PAX West coming up also). :V
  15. I've only really been watching My Hero Academia & Hunter X Hunter (2011) which have been great watching and Dragon Ball Super (which has been so-so). Manga-wise has been My Hero Academia; Berserk (when a chapter "finally" gets released) & Attack on Titan.
  16. Spider-Man: Homecoming - 6/10 Didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to (probably too much humour or that it just felt like a filler to me; rather than something truly important to the storylines). Still pretty good however. Michael Keaton I found great though as the villian.
  17. When I do bother playing the PS3 or 4; Yakuza 5.... League of Legends has kinda taken over my life and I haven't played the consoles all that much these days. Also haven't posted here in like 2-3 years or so. Hi again all. :V
  18. Thanks Mr. Random Person! :V

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