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  1. Takes 24 hours because you need to have the game up and running, not paused for the duration of a Tuesday. This can't be tricked with the system clock as it counts minutes played in game. You can trick the 10 years though. Close the game, set system clock manually to 2033 and reopen the game.
  2. It's an interesting puzzle game, without a guide it can take 5 hours to get through and find all hidden levels. With a guide it can take an hour.
  3. Yeah the Devs never uploaded the trophy list to Sony. This happens a lot with smaller games and rushed games. Basically what is happening is the game is trying to locate itself to check flags on the Sony server and cant find itself listed. All we can do is tweet the devs and publisher (if not the same) to double check with them they are going to upload the trophies at some point. When a game comes out and the trophies are not listed on PSNProfiles, I never buy it because it usually means the game hasn't uploaded the trophies yet.
  4. They've confirmed that bots will always fill out the game in every mode, not just Portal. Even on servers it sounds like they are forcing a full game, no 1v1 stuff to boost with a friend. Good news is that it's just bots... They do count for kills and in tracking trophies.
  5. Waterside Flower Garden (unlock both swimsuit pics) - This requires multiple playthroughs. First to unlock the third option when first talking to Mili (remember the other time). Then you choose to invite Beatrice. Beat the game again to save the path, then replay a third time and choose to go without Beatrice. Rosewaal Ending (Path I've Walked, also nets you a missing entry in the Memory Album) - First, you need to beat the game. Next time you start the game, you grab the flower, give it to REM, get the tea, go to the left waypoint in the main entryway (west hall to Beatrice) then choose to spend time with Mili. It ends but puts you back to get the tea again. You just repeat above, go to the west hall (left waypoint) and spend time with Beatrice. It ends once more, now go to answer the door with tea and I choose the Who is this handsome guy option. Then it should give another option after, go see Roswaal.
  6. Can someone upload a save file around 50% of the story, or plan to invite me in a story mission that takes place slightly before or even after this mission?? What happens is you load in as Black Widow but the game glitches and loads Tony in the wrong state. So the objective glitches on your way to talk to Tony and then tells you to talk to Pym but you can't do either. You can't talk to Bruce because you need to talk to Tony and Pym first. This glitch is a huge progression bug that blocks you from swapping characters and from using the war table to do missions. Devs said they are aware of the issue but don't plan on releasing a patch for another 7-10 days and it is more focused on missing costumes than this bug. Here is a video of the bug.
  7. Hopefully you see this before you start the game. If you have started the story mode, you need to backup your save online and delete it off your PS4. Start Avengers Initiative before you do anything else, it will give you a cutscene and spoil some story but its nothing major. It will then give you control of a character and tell you to go to the HARM tech in the lower levels. The HARM tech will give you a tutorial where you play as Iron Man and have to do some basic combat training. The trophy should pop after the second or third mission because the enemies don't attack you. If you have started the story and try this, you can't talk to Wu the HARM tech. During the story it will give you only PART of this tutorial, but you will be controlling Kamala as if she is controlling Iron Man in a simulator. It skips over the first half of the tutorial which is the easiest way to beat a mission without being hit.
  8. If the minimum number of players to get the 1v2 trophy is 3, I can get this with the help of one other person (I have two PS4's and already boosted the other trophies with myself) Easiest way would be to do 1v2, but just have the 2 keep jumping to their deaths. I need this trophy myself, so we can hopefully work together. PSN - Spraragen88 GMT-4
  9. Is the minimum number of players only 3 (1v2) or do you need people in reserves (1v2 plus people waiting)?
  10. Yeah, not a good sign when trophies don't appear on the Sony server on release day. I am pretty sure this is going to be a 100% (non platinum game)
  11. Still no trophies posted. I'll be home in 90 minutes to say if it has a platinum or not...
  12. Awesome! Looks super easy. Never played the original version, kind of outgrew Spongebob by that point but I am willing to now play this with my kids
  13. Flipping sux, impossible to boost and impossible to do 1v2.
  14. Can anyone name some games/trophies where a turbo mode would be useful? I know if Dragon Ball Fighters and collecting money. What else?
  15. Just got a new hori turbo controller and thought this might be a game where it could help grind trophies.
  16. Did you see this years Batsu? It felt like a classic return to form, not just rushing them room to room to do variety show competitions.
  17. A lot of trophy related stuff has been fixed with patches 1.05 and 1.06. - Terrarium sometimes wasn't a very nurturing environment, preventing seeds from growing. It should now give your plants the love and care that they deserve, encouraging them to grow properly. - On rare occasions Bounty Hunters would stop hunting Cal, we’ve now re-enabled their trackers, so be careful. - We’ve updated Cal so that he is more responsive during combat. This change includes tweaks to stagger reactions, kicks, flybacks, staff parry and sprint attacks. I stopped playing right when I got force pull ability because I knew the game had a lot of patches to get through. It seems with 1.06 they have fixed a bunch of stuff (as opposed to 1.04 when I stopped playing). I just wish they didn't force push the game out when it seemed so broken. One of the recent patches even fixed how Cal is handled... Like when you have to patch your character to properly react to blocks, dodges and parries you know something is not ready for release.
  18. I just want For Posterity trophy... Can we get a group of 4 together to take a quick photo?? This is the hardest trophy in the whole game because it requires friends lol My PSN is Spraragen88
  19. My PSN is Spraragen88 We can help each other or you can join my game real quick and just help me if you already have the trophy. I always miss like 3 targets...
  20. PSN is Spraragen88 Just looking to join a crew, get the lvl50 trophy then peace out to make room for the next trophy Hunter.
  21. I just got mine to pop. I had to die a bunch of different ways and then complete the level after each game over. So like on the Boulder level, I died in the fire, then beat the level. Returned, died in the lava, beat the level, died by boulder, beat the level. (by died, i mean got a game over) I did it like this without closing/exiting the game too, so it was all in the same playthrough, not sure if things get reset if you turn off the game/console. I think the easiest way is to die 3 ways in the boulder level, once by zombies in the graveyard level, once by falling in the pit in the mausoleum when the floor caves in from under you (counts as falling off a cliff), drowning in the cemetery level then letting the time run out in the haunted ruins. Just keep beating the levels between each game over screen. Losing a life jar is not counted as dying, it has to be a game over.
  22. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8828-the-sinking-city-trophy-guide
  23. Yeah, this seems to be the base list. Spec Ops and Survival will be secondary lists (as you see with other games that add lists with DLC, even though these aren't DLC modes). The platinum will only require these trophies.
  24. Boo hoo, should have bought digital. Physical copies are all borked.
  25. The game has the worst screen tearing I have ever seen. You move the camera even the slightest and the screen tears like nobodies business.
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