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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I have very good tip for you.. ..are you ready? PLAY And now seriously, you must use this settings in every game: TOTEMS: Purple and Orange BONUSES: Profit Crystals, Added Crystals, Longer Frenzy 1 game = 20-90min
  3. Looking to boost all online trophies. PSN ID: Makos1986_PL
  4. I have different problem, game never save when i leave and reopen game i start all over again. Time Glitch not working You have solution for save glich?
  5. Location: Poland Trophies: The Silent Front (Completed a Sabotage action in multiplayer) PSN: Chuppa_ Mission Complete!!!
  6. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version: Deluxe Mode: Normal Map: Peoria Score: 5.06$ Version: Deluxe Mode: Bonkers Map: Peoria Score: 5.60$ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version: Classic Mode: Normal Map: Peoria Score: 5.85$ Version: Classic Mode: Bonkers Map: Peoria Score: 10.55$
  7. This game has the codes differ from those on other consoles. Do you know any? In game press start (pause menu) and: 1. Naked Dave 2. Invisible Dave :square: 3. Eastern Egg :up: :down: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/wreckitralph/images/f/fb/Konami.code.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130308054358 (Wreck-It.Ralph)
  8. SONY remove my BZB trophies or give me 100%
  9. GL & HF Edit - got all trophies. No more requests.
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