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    23 years old male, college graduate with two degrees (Economics and IT).
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    The Grand Line
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    Computers, gaming, tech, economics, swimming, cars, learning, pizza, etc.
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    Data Science at Amazon

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    Reach 90% completion on my trophy list.

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  1. Looking to do the shooting range trophy (last one I need for platinum), best I could get alone is 13/15 so maybe one other player will suffice here. I should be available all day today. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Timezone: EST Update: Ended up getting it solo with a Vladof gun lol, fire rate is key here.
  2. Need someone to do the challenger trophy with. I'm available all week long, any time - just message me (PSN ID: emperorzeus12). Update: got it.
  3. Looking to boost "Victory is Mine!" (Win online 7 times!) and "Of All My Fights You're My 2nd Strongest Foe" (Won endless battle 7 times!). PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Eastern USA (EST timezone) I'll be on for the next 5 hours and available tomorrow.
  4. Need help with the co-op trophy. Trophy "Tower of the Elephant" - Kill something by standing on its head PSN ID: emperorzeus12 I plan to be on all day jumping between games, shoot me a message if you want to help each other get this trophy. UPDATE: Got it, thank you sgtTony!
  5. Looking to boost Challenger. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Timezone: U.S. EST
  6. Looking to do Mass Extraction, You Just Made the List..., For Justice!, and I am the LAW! Timezone: USA EST PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Available Saturday nights, all day Sunday, and all day Monday. UPDATE: Got it done, thank you HOMIE-G.
  7. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time zone: EST Looking to do both online trophies today or tomorrow, shoot me a friend request and we'll set up a time.
  8. Looking to get all three online trophies today or tomorrow. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time zone: Eastern U.S. (EST) Send a friend request so we can determine a time that works.
  9. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time zone: Eastern US Trophy interested in boosting: Finished the job
  10. Looking to boost "You Just Made the List..." and "I am the Law!" trophies. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 I plan to be on all day today and part of tomorrow. EST timezone.
  11. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time zone: US EST Trophy looking to boost: Swap Meet
  12. I'm a level 60 Shadow Warrior on Platinum difficulty. Can anyone host a game on Niob difficulty to help me get the last trophy (reach Niob) that I need for the platinum trophy? I'll keep leveling up, but hopefully someone has Niob unlocked within 10 levels of me. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (USA)
  13. PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time Zone: U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) Looking to do the following DLC trophies: 1.) Sack the Postman (just the 3 mini games, I already did the other 3) 2.) Two's Company, Four's a Party (I only have one controller and we need 4 players - can be multiple controllers from one player) Message me and we'll agree on a time to do these. I'm on PS4 and this game does not support cross-play. Edit: I'm done with this game, got 100% and never coming back.
  14. Looking to do "Bragging Rights" (we can try the glitch - https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/51877-just-cause-3-bragging-rights-trophy-fix/) and "Anything You Can Do..." PSN ID: emperorzeus12 Time zone: Eastern U.S. Standard Time (EST) I plan to be on all day Sunday. Edit: All done.
  15. Looking to do the Sing the Iron Song trophy. We need five people total so four more individuals are needed. Message emperorzeus12 Eastern Time Zone (EST) USA
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