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  1. No even on pc maybe will patch ir something.
  2. Hi DEVILRYUUJIN long time to see you anyway add these: Hell of a Hunter trophy: you can get S on all missions in any difficulty also you can get it from Heaven and Hell alone. Worthy of Legend trophy: add more than not just equal because I got 6000 in DMD and I got A. Human < 4000 Devil Hunter < 5000 Son Of Sparda < 5500 Dante Must Die < 6000 Heaven And Hell < 1500 Hell And Hell < 5500 also not need to play all characters in mission 7 and 13 to get S for all,just play only one character to get S. for V just set auto assist without getting hit you will get S. Highway to Hell trophy: not all missions need to finish without hit to get S there some missions can be get two hits and will get S: Prologue - not need to kill the boss Mission 04 - without auto assist Mission 06 Mission 07 - with V Mission 08 - not need to kill the 2nd boss Mission 09 Mission 13 - V with auto assist
  3. I vote 8.5 , its challenging and this best dmc game of series.
  4. not 99.9999%,100% yea you can save any time also in all difficulties.
  5. i got plat under difficult give me god of war,for me its was fun to me.
  6. this my run under Give Me God of War difficult. [ame] [/ame]
  7. I never though enable to kill her. thx for my friend who told me about it. Difficulty: Nightmare [ame] [/ame]
  8. smoke bolts with lvl 3 ,you stealth them 3 times in row.
  9. game crash in normal and pro version also in any mode of game.game really need patch to fix this issue,btw also happen in xbox1
  10. My save point specially for crash issue: 1-Beignning of chapter 4. 2-Beignning of chapter 7, because crash a lot. 3-Before Stephano boss fight, because crash a lot. 4-Before the blood puzzle. 5-Before O' Neal boss fight. 6-Before the fire walk. 7-Before Keeper/Laura fight.
  11. Np. Great bro :)

  12. thx and i got both trophies in same time.

  13. btw I never test it yet Basically, when you strike your opponent with a special move (which is what adds points) just rapidly pause the game. Capcom didn't think about turbo fire pause buttons apparently and it adds to your overall score at the end. https://imgur.com/mrN6WFs credit for melongod from EH
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