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  1. Is it worth full price? Some reviews stated the game is quite hard (once silver league is reached), how hard is it? Is it harder than wipeout?
  2. The only downside to this trophy is to replay the game a second time. I don't mind a challenge but there's too much slugfest moments in this game.
  3. It appears they also prevent slayers keys from spawning in story progression if you do a previous mission with cheats
  4. Some areas are not revisitable. I missed the first purple challenge on mission 2, when i got to the checkpoint select at the end of the mission i tried to go back to do itbut there was an invisible wall. I relaunched the mission and did it, quit to the ship but it didn't saved, you have to complete the full mission to validate. I hope it's not the same with collectibles.
  5. You can play private match so i guess they could be boostable. On topic, if anyone wants to boost i have the game so add me. Just say it's for doom in the friend request. Id is legrooos76
  6. My timezone is Paris so 10hrs might be too big to arrange a meet up but if anyone from a less hour gap want to do the coop trophies, i'll be up. My id: legrooos76 Edit: Done with the game, gonna trade it for another one
  7. The game's on sale so i came here to saw if there was a guide but since it's non vr now i'll buy it
  8. I didn't know reddit well and english isn't my main language (i'm french) I tried searching power levelling but didn't find any post. Do you have the link? Or remember the member pns? Maybe if i ask kindly i'll accept to help me. Anyway, i can dupe you the things you want, just add me and i'll send them you on mail when i'm on
  9. Hi everyone, since i platted the game with Moze i'm looking for someone who can power level my three other characters (shouldn't be long with the exp technique). I can give many legendaries of this list for the work. All are level 50. * after the weapons means it's an anointed weapon. Guns: Itchy Flakker* Compressing Kill-o'-the-Wisp* Cloud Kill* Searing Sleeping Giant* Handsome Jackhammer* Speedloadn' Hellwalker* Unending Magnificient* Double-Penetrating Premature Roisen's Thorns* MOARR Linoge* Expert ASMD Undermining Crossroad Decaying Barrage Overencumbered Standardized Carrier Compressing Storm Mocking Devoted Stuffed Quadomizer Resolute Lyuda Hawt Rapchury Sawbar Stimulating Thirsty Bearcat Stark Krakataa Loaded Hand Of Glory Undermining Conference Call Hawt Pain is Power Wicked Wagon Wheel The Lob Dangerous Thunderball Fists Conference Call Wicked Lead Sprinkler Shrinking The Boring Gun Baby Maker++ Krovvy Infinity Hostile Conference Call Prestilent Infinity Trick Unforgiven Compressing Superball Shocking AAA The Flood Undermining Crossroad Auditing Bitch Breath of the Dying Defrauding Hyperfocus XZ41 Venomous Deft Kaos Hawt Dayumed Sawbar Expert Trevonator Undermining The Butcher Premium Supercharged Polybius Deep Dive Face-Puncher Burning Flakker Ruby's Wrath Iron-Willed Monocle Woodblocker Expert ASMD Molten Vicious Lyuda Disciplined Ripper Turbo Frozen Ten Gallon Reciprocating Try-Bolt Cash-Infused Brainstormer Shredded Tunguska Wild Lead Sprinkler Tamed Star Helix Shields: Cowboy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot First Aid Re-Charger Riposte Impaler Black Hole Augmented Re-Charger Resourcful Nova Berner Salvager Stop-Gap Cavalry Charge Rectifier Tax Return Re-Charger The Transformer Breakout Red Suit Rough Rider Re-Router Grenades: MIRV Hex Sticky Quasar Hunter Seeker Storm Front Cloning Chupa's Organ Porcelain Pipe Bomb Fastball Porcelain Pipe Bomb Moxxi's Bouncing Pair Tina's Hippity Hopper Widowmaker Firestorm Red Queen Hunter-Seeker Artifacts: Grave Last Stand Otto Idol Berzerker Safeguard Berzerker Static Charge Cutpurse White Elephant Cauterizing Launch Pad Atom Balm Cosmic Crater Electric Slide Otto Idol Rear Ender Static Charge Cauterizing Rocket Boots
  10. I just powelevelled my alt in 50mn (that long due to loading) farming legendaries, and i'm quite a bit tempted to try to speedrun while unlocking mayhem 3 on it. I hope i'll find the head i'm missing for moze in this playthrough
  11. Seems pretty tedious to level all character to level 50 with this method. Better find a buddy to play co-op i guess.
  12. Got the plat and wanted to power level the 3 other characters, gonna try it. Do anyone know if story progress is saved when playing multi? If I use my secondary account, made him join on graveyard and beat it, will the graveyard quest be available on the secondary despite him only did one the first story mission? Cause i want to power level my second account before using this character to power level my primary.
  13. Voted a 4. The slaughterhouse 3000 was a pain to do solo. The other one with giant flying ennemies was so tedious too due to their huge hp bars. Shooting gallery solo alos might requires good dexterity and a good weapon, but you can cheese it with multiplayer so it's not really hard.
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