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    I love my PS4 and I am an addict. I can't get enough!
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    PS4, School, Motorcycles, Fountain Pens, Watches, and the St Louis Cardinals!!!
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    Assistant Professor of Communication

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  1. Anyone else miffed that preorders started before the day Sony said we could order?!
  2. I just feel lost. We don’t even care about each other or the well being of others...its all about our individualistic minds and desires. I honestly just quit.
  3. I am curious if anyone is attending a University here. If so, what is your University’s plans and approach with COVID?
  4. I passed on New Dawn. I would love to see that as an option.
  5. I’ve been feeling this way for a while for sure.
  6. Thanks for your response. I saw the thread on UBI’s website. It is really sad that had occurred and the fact that it isn’t being addressed is greatly disappointing. I just like completing the map but oh well. Thanks again.
  7. Hey friends, I have been trying to enter this zone here but when I walk up to it to jump on the pipes...it will not let me. Is anyone else having this issue or has seen a work around?
  8. Thank you again my friend!

  9. Secondary source Sadly it all comes down to Disney being greedy.
  10. As the title states. I know this is IGN but the source they have is credible. Sad day for spidey fans. Source Second source
  11. Thanks for letting me know my friend. I had hoped they worked out the issues...this is just sad.

  12. The PS4 version of AC3, is still just as broken as the PS3 release and has all the same trophy glitches so make lots of backups if you intend to play it :(.

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