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  1. Player 1: kb420mcl https://psnprofiles.com/kb420mcl/log : 29,634 / 29,649 : 29,621 / 29,635 / 29,641 / 29,652 : 29,616 / 29,617 / 29,618 / 29,622 / 29,642 Player 2: CatNZ https://psnprofiles.com/korncat666/log : 16,774 : 16,772 / 16,777 / 16,810 / 16,801 : 16,776 / 16,779 / 16,824 : 16,762 / 16,763 / 16,775 / 16,778 / 16,780 / 16,821 E: Good!
  2. 90s Trophy Submission PSN: korncat666 Games: Another World - 13 (all) Virtua Striker - 12 (all) Full Throttle Remastered - 39 (out of 40) Fighting Vipers - 15 (all) Virtua Fighter 2 - 12 (all) Daytona USA - 12 (all) Thank you!
  3. Unique Game Submission Team: Snakes in the Grass PSN: korncat666 Games: Thimbleweed Park (EU) Fallout Shelter Dark Souls: Remastered 帝国海軍恋慕情~明治横須賀行進曲~ (Vita) The Labyrinth of Grisaia (Vita) グリザイアの果実スピンアウト!? アイドル魔法少女ちるちる☆みちる (Vita) 熱血異能部活譚 Trigger Kiss (Vita) グリザイアの楽園 -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA- (Vita) Flowers夏篇 (Vita) カレイドイヴ (Vita) クドわふたー Converted Edition (Vita) Chaos;Head Noah (Vita) Chaos;Head らぶChu☆Chu! (Vita) 恋愛0キロメートルV (Vita) シロガネ×スピリッツ!(Vita) Thanks!
  4. Hi, how are you going?

  5. if you peeked around the posts in this subforum regarding Adventuring Time, you'll see that some people have gotten the trophy using only the tutorial world. remember the trophy isn't about simply uncovering the map, you need to set foot on 17 different biomes. for example, a snowy area may be comprised of 3 or 4 different biomes - a snowy forest, snowy mountain, snowy beach, frozen river...
  6. yep, M (for mountainous) biomes are easy to miss... there's a M version for practically most biome types. while it's a good idea to roam around maps discovering as many biomes as possible, it'd be better to also seek out mountains within those biomes and scale them as well.
  7. that's for things that you can assemble into a block and break it down again. but you certainly can't do that for items such as ender pearls etc...
  8. bummer, I hope it's not glitched. if you're completely sure that's the case then try delete all gamesaves, restart another tutorial world and mine away at the hill directly in front of the dock. it shouldn't take toooooo long to mine. then you can AFK for 30-odd hours for the plat. one thing I know for sure though, the leaderboards is a little unreliable right now, but it gives *some* idea how much blocks you've got left to mine. the leaderboards is certainly not updated live because I've been constantly checking it on another ps4 while mining away. make sure you mine all 1728 pieces in the same game difficulty setting, in case that's a glitch factor.
  9. ^^^^^ can confirm this method works, the coordinates are spot on. was repeating tutorial worlds trading in paper for emeralds, this method works MUCH faster and far less boring.
  10. have you actually tried this method and confirmed it works? I doubt it, because I did exactly that - breaking a fully loaded chest, replaced it and filled it back up with cobblestones. and your suggestion does NOT pop the trophy. had only mind 982 cobblestones at the time. the trophy only popped after I minded the rest. not sure about TNT, you can try it and see if your cobblestone counts increase. but why would you mine them and place them? that's like, double the workload. YES!!! each account has to literally mine 1728 cobblestones. you can check the count under "leaderboards" section in pause menu. however, the chest-full of cobblestones does not have to be all mined by you, as the game will not track who mined which block of stored cobblestone. as long as you've mined 1728 cobblestones on your account, the trophy'll pop when you look at any random full chest of cobblestones.
  11. PSNID: korncat666 Region: EU Timezone: NZT (GMT+12) but flexible Mic: Yes Console: PS4 DLC: expansion pass Bungie ID = PSNID also sent request on bungie.net
  12. here's a handy list of accessories: 5. Miscellaneous Achievements - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough check that page under Expert Craftsman trophy, they've noted 18 accessories that you can easily get to, and they've provided handy maps to show exactly where those accessories are. if you've picked up at least 15 accessories in NG, then quickest way to obtain Expert Craftsman would be to collect those 15 accessories in NG+, then start NG++ straight after to collect those 15 accessories again. because each accessory can be upgraded twice, and each upgrade will count towards 30. I don't think it'll take you more than a couple hours if you follow the information on the page linked above.
  13. nah she never said that prior to finding out Chocobo's true identity... I clearly remember hearing that in a battle right after that part of the story, and thought to myself "that's a new line"
  14. ditto to what everyone said above, the necklaces were an engagement present that came in a pair, it's a common knowledge for people who played XIII/XIII-2. but even for people who never played XIII/XIII-2 I'm pretty sure there was some text or dialogue in FF:LR that informs you of the necklaces' significance. personally I feel FF:LR has done a great job at reminding players of the previous plot lines, without giving away the whole story.
  15. since you won't get to unlock bridges until day9, the Death Game sidequest would be the most productive place to farm soul seeds, provided you haven't completed that quest. but regardless whether you farm bridges or Death Game sidequest area, soul seeds respawns once every in-game hour. you should be able to collect 2 seeds per in-game hour, sometimes 3... so in your particular case 80 soul seeds will mean around 40 in-game hours. 2 days for you at the most?
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