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  1. That looks wild ! wow
  2. Can we get a sneak peek? teeny-tiny one?
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  4. Ten years and this thread is still surviving And to answer the original question, im reading the gamer manhwa Though more into novels nowadays: the new gate, only i level up (solo leveling), i shall seal the heavens.
  5. Just popped in to say congratulations Russel. No Time For Caution, Time, Necessary Evil. Yeah Zimmer is pretty great, never heard a bad piece from him. #freerealmsrip
  6. The two mangas for it have been crazy good, hopefully they dont censor or tone it down. Overlord is getting pretty exciting in manga.
  7. These threads are kind of depressing to read, getting a little .com vibe.
  8. Looks like that they just decided to pretty much copy and paste the old game with minor changes. just heard about this but fuck the team developing this is lazy.
  9. Does anyone know if creating the ultimate weapons with name change tickets unlock the trophies for building them?
  10. Im at like 70% completion and now the game started freezing randomly when i press the touch button to access menu. two times so far in the last 15 min -_-
  11. No its a bug that happens randomly and jammer doesnt affect binoculars. and you know its bug since when you press up or down, nothing happens. even if there is jammer you can still fly the drone.
  12. Getting really annoyed by the bug where drone/binoculars stop working
  13. My tip to contribute: Why run when you can jetpack? press to run, then hit to perform melee hit and at the same time/ immediately after press to horizontally jetpack very fast forward. (fastest way to travel on foot)
  14. I have come a cross few different peoples discoveries And I have only been naming planets and systems heres few of mine: Not jurassic park Ummm nothing to see here Been here and done that Noneone was here Aciddd trip Potato (with two moons: Yum yum, Blah blah)
  15. Anyone need Quicksnap?, i got Sound Shapes sitting here
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