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  1. I'm using the Hori Fighting Commander and it's not registering the turbo clicks it makes. I think it simply clicks too fast. Tested it on the music and the pupet method and both don't work. I actually bought it for stuff like this so it's kind of a bummer. I used my phone + remote play + auto clicker before to simulate a turbo controller and that works fine (it just requires a quite recent phone to work well, so I have to use my everyday phone which is a pain to do for long periods of time). Please let me know if anybody figures out to make the xp grind work with the Hori Fighting Commander:)
  2. Hey Bud, thanks! The roadmap is old though, I think I wrote it before the PS4 came out haha. Yeah I'm still around now and then but not active on the forums anymore. Just don't have the time for it anymore.

  3. Just a heads up for those who get motion sickness with certain first-person games, this one is particularly bad. There is this weird slide after you let go of the left analog stick and no option to adjust the field of view (which can help reduce motion sickness sometimes) making it a pretty annoying game to play if you have this. Luckily the game is really short, so you can still grab you platinum if you play in short bursts.
  4. Was just looking over your road map for Back to the Future. Nice to see you are still on the site as well. Good job there. Have never done the PS4 version.

  5. Looking for a partner for the JP version of the game now. Add me:)
  6. For me, the door code in chapter 5 was like you said " 0834" so I think it is safe to assume it's the same for everybody. Thanks for the guide! btw the game was pulled from the US and EU store, but I was able to get it from the JP store yesterday. https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/EP4382-CUSA11446_00-JPPS400000000001 The game should be up again on the other stores at some point as well according to the PSNprofiles forum thread
  7. Thank you very much for this very complete guide! Was much more effort to get this done than most visual novels, so very happy with this much help:)
  8. I just bought the game from the US store (US only afaik) and I got it cross buy. No cross-save but that's rather rare nowadays anyway. I hit a game breaking glitch on PS4 btw, at the step: Click on the door off in the distance between the door in flames and the door on the right (if that doesn't work, click on the trees and space above it) Get the stuffed doll on the side of the house (13/20 A child's doll) Click on the door to the left and go in After picking up the teddy bear, I accidentally clicked back instead of right. And now I'm not able to go to this location anymore. Currently deleting and redownloading the game....
  9. Thanks! Worked like a charm, got the plat in a little over 30 min!
  10. Thanks! Used it for the Korean PS4 version of the game and got my platinum in 1 hour and 10 minutes. No problems what so ever:)
  11. Ah thanks for the quick reply. Just figured it out too, letting it sit for about 24 minutes and then quickly doing everything else. Thanks for the info though!
  12. Any idea how that did it that fast? Or is anything under 24 minutes just hacked?
  13. Looking for somebody to do the co-op trophy with. PSN: Donkey-er I'm located in the Netherlands (GMT+1 time zone)
  14. Is this something that is still possible? I'm level 95 online and got all other trophies on PS3, and I'm thinking about going back to finish off that sweet platinum. But seeing as there isn't much stuff online on PS3, I might want to go for the DLC stuff on PS4. But if I have to start from scratch I don't want to do that. And what about singleplayer trophies?
  15. Could the Guide be edited to state that Chinpokolypse and More Popular Than John Lennon are glitched for some people! At least on PS4. I state here how to avoid it:
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