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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  2. Happy Birthday buddy. Sorry its a little late. :p


    All the best dude.

  3. This isn't in the New Zealand store either, which sucks... wish I could play this x.x
  4. That's a type I believe, from what I understand, it's to be coming out for the Vita as well. I think they say PS4 so people know it' not coming out on the Xbox One and only the PS side of things.
  5. Back to playing Sleeping Dogs on the PS4. Managed to kill someone with a fish... by just essentially bitch slapping them with said fish. Also managed to get over 90% on the first karaoke song, so that's also good
  6. Nope, sorry, you must be taken care of now. Can't allow you to make any mistakes in the future. But seriously, it's all good, you had good intentions
  7. A curious thing, saw them on the list when I started the game last night and was wondering how they work. I hear that they can be done solo too... which makes me wonder how that works in general. As in, if solo, do you get AI related multiplayer characters fighting with you, or if you're just still on your own in general for that. I know I'll have a bit to go before then, but was just wondering at the very least for whenever I get to that point.
  8. Ah, thanks for that info too Shuffle, much appreciated. I had only just seen said video was all and figured I'd at least post that. But that extra info is very much appreciated, gives off more of an in-dept talk about that the game is about. But it makes me curious, was there a trophy list for the game already? I'm sure there was, but of course, in Japanese. I'll check for it soon. Edit: Yeah, I thought I saw it once before: http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4885-%E6%95%B8%E7%A2%BC%E5%AF%B6%E8%B2%9D%E4%B8%96%E7%95%8C-Next-Order-
  9. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. Only just started it really... and it only too like, an hour an a half to get past the prologue... all that talking
  10. Okay, even though I have yet to create a folder yet (want to create a folder for my PS2 games) I uh... I don't actually know how to create said folder. I mean I saw the instructions for sure, but I can't actually recall them you know? Ah well, I'll get around to them eventually Edit: Okay... I managed to create the folder, neat little feature for sure.
  11. Yeah, this time, it actually went straight to downloading the application data instead of downloading and installing the game, and waiting for you to start the game up before finishing the rest of the installation.
  12. Okay, I bought Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment right, and I see the download bar... it's actually split into two now. Looks like for the first section, and then the application data. That just looks weird...
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