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    I work as an accountant for a major leisure firm
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    My Kids, PS3 & Football
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  1. Merryyyy Christmas lol have a good one man

  2. Anyone got any tips for rebound on extreme? Thxs
  3. happy birthday mate :drunk:

  4. Dropping in to thank you for the Lego POTC guide, Without it I would've had no chance at the platinum, A game I under rated in terms of difficulty but still fun :) ty

  5. hi m8 meating new ppl i am happy to boost any game with u psn ghostbustersn18

  6. Sorry mate I no longer have the game..

  7. By any chances do you still have WWE allstars japanese version?

    if yes, can you help with the online trophies?

  8. Happy birthday dude, have a good day :beer:

  9. Happy Birthday Paul!

  10. The best place to drift over 750 meters is one of the levels on the last grand prix. Towards the end of the lap you will race over four pads that are rotating... Start your drift on one of these and just keep dirfting around in a circle... I got over 1500 meters on my first try...
  11. Happy Birthday mate.... Hope you have a great day... :)

  12. THREAD UPDATED!!!! Members removed due to 90 day rule Members removed due to not following the rules and downloading other people's creations Members removed as they have achieved 500,000xp 8-25-11/ViTiNhOLoKiNhO 8-25-11/mjc0961 New Members added 9-6-11/RikBraakman 9-6-11/alooishous 9-6-11/AzedX 9-6-11/ZcarTissue 9-6-11/TJ-Works 9-6-11/DryCounty 9-6-11/gearsinmotion
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