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    I'm just starting out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTCNzqhBMJnMqDRKZduZAJw/
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    Flower (PS4)
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    To destroy my backlog and get 100% in as many games as possible

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  1. Use Thor. Upgrade the Red & Yellow powers to max. Use red power to help fill yellow power. Then either wait until there are quite a few green tiles on the board already or save up enough yellow's to use the power twice in one turn. Should fill the board with greens and get it easily.
  2. I have barely been keeping up this year but Ill give it a go. Go Panthers? They still in Florida?
  3. Cant believe i lost by 1 shot on goal. Ah well, good luck @TheDoc87and the rest still in the playoffs.
  4. I gave it 2 T-bones out of 10. One of the easiest driving platinum's out there. It's just a matter of getting them done.
  5. I'd guess 25-30 hours. Some of those career mode events drag and drag and drag.
  6. Not bad for an auto-drafted team, huh? Congrats to Germain and Pens for grabbing those other 2 spots. You probably deserved the top spot more than me but I'll take it! Thanks to the other 8 competitors as well for being good sports throughout the year. And a big thanks to Slamma for being the commish.
  7. can you go just one day please without bitching like a little baby girl
  8. No, only twats like you do that. The yahoo fantasy league playoffs use a bracket format. I think the NBA does it this way, or NCAA maybe. But other leagues like NHL reseed after every round. Either way, for our league, it's not a big deal which way we do it as I would have destroyed anyone unlucky enough to be matched up with me 😈. So sorry, Pens. If it makes you feel any better, Chubb outplayed Jones! Good luck this week, Germain.
  9. This has been the most fun fantasy sport league, and to be honest was the only thing that was brining me back to the forums for a while. I'm going to have to bow out though as real life is just too busy and other things are taking up my free time, like my daughter getting older and requiring more attention. I forgot to make a bunch of picks last year and I figure that'll happen a lot more this year so it's best to step away for at least this season. Good luck to you all and a big thank you to Barra for running things and making this a real blast to be a part of.
  10. Yeah, that sucks. Gotta check those inactives! Also, it really sucks to get the 2nd highest points in a week but lose.
  11. Nobody would miss your complaining, you hypocrite. The only reason you've had success in this league in the past is because you had traded for keepers with low draft positions - exactly the same shit you're whining about. So when you do it's ok but when others do it, it's bullshit? Typical of you. And now you're upset about a clear one-sided deal in your favor being vetoed? I'll trade buddy a top 12 TE for one of the best WR's in the league any day. But if it gets vetoed, I'm not going to be upset that I wasn't allowed to pull a fast one. (No offense, Crash, but he was trying to fuck you sideways.) Here's a threat - if YOU are in this league next year - I AM leaving. I can't take your bitching and moaning anymore.
  12. An honor to share top spot with you, Ashtimus Prime! Congrats to Easty50 & JMeeks for beating poor Barra by 1 point to keep him off the podium. But at least you get the thanks and admiration of the entire crew for running the league, Barra! Thanks, buddy!
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